Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Not pretty, but its my new toy

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  2. ..

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  3. My latest additions. Muhahaha... IMG_3701.JPG IMG_3702.JPG
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  4. Nice those 3 inch
  5. 2 1/2" system with 3" tips. Sounds awesome
  6. Finally finished up a month long project. I posted here earlier this month when I started. (The clutch took awhile due to life/work, ect,ect).
    Anyway so far I replaced the rear control arms, clutch, painted the wheels, and added the wing.
    Just got back from a test drive to make adjustments to the clutch. Thought I'd take a couple pics before it goes back in the "OR".
    Next are Heads, cam and intake that are waiting in the garage. ;)
    IMG_20130721_131142_783.jpg IMG_20130721_132136_107.jpg
  7. Man I need to get my car in front of some scenery so I can take some better pics
  8. image_zps7905cc46.jpg

    Getting closer! Mocking up all parts for proper fitment before It goes of to paint
  9. ^ is that a 2" steel cowl hood? How's the fit on that?
  10. It's the aluminum version I got from NPD. Fit isnt perfect along the back cowl and front bumper grille area. I can't recommend these hoods but maybe the steel version is better? It's insanely light tho the box it came in was heavier than hood.
  11. I need to get mine on the road. Lol
  12. I'll add a front shot too

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  13. Fueled up and made some test hits in Mexico this evening:

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  14. Ah good old Mexico , my friend had his 347 hatch and I had my coupe out as well !

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  15. Have you made a full pass yet? What times?
  16. got tires and wheels put on the car figured I would post them up on here.


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