Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. ^ Tire specs? And I hope you're dropping that rear end a little haha
  2. nitto nt555 255/40/17 in the front and nitto nt05r 275/40/17 in the rear and yes I plan on dropping the rear and raising the front a tad Im not looking for a stanced or lowered look I like it just not plan for this car.
  3. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374956617.601139.jpg

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  4. you having a baby jeff??
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  5. HELL NO ! i parked there i was picking up pizza next door and there was a wheel chair access on the curb and i didnt want to block it .
  6. Pahaha
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  7. that's one clean vert

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  8. What year seats are in yours? I love the halo style headrests. They look sweet.
    I'm getting ready to redo my seat upholstery. Would the 84-86 GT style fit in my 91 frames?
  9. they are 86 seats with the red pin stripe to match the car , and i believe the head rests will but I cannot confirm

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  10. Both you guys have GREAT looking cars!
    Yes the Halos will fit just fine in you car. Just pickup a cheap used pair from Ebay, ect. Don't be concerned about the color because you can easily change that with a can of interior paint from LMR.
    Thats what I did;) .
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  11. as do both of yours !!! how's the Saleen coming ?

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  12. Nice! I'm watching a set on Ebay now too. $40 right now.
  13. I sold my SSC about a month ago. Someone made me an offer I couldn't pass up. I miss it a little but now I'm getting to spend some alot of money on the vert. Got some big things happening to it. It should make some nice powa very soon.
    Guess I need to find out how to change my Username.
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  14. Saturday night car show in Hatboro, PA. Like 500 cars and 5000 people IMG_3733.JPG IMG_3734.JPG
  15. finally got the car painted yesterday, tops not completely bolted in, car needs to be rubbed still but couldn't resist throwing the wheels on and getting a couples pics


  16. Not yet. Taking it to TnT at PBIR on Friday if the weather cooperates.
  17. They deleted the SPAM. Too funny
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  18. how much that paint job run you?