Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Do you take back what you wrote??? lol
  2. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375219683.926569.jpg

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  3. Just materials, friend and I did it, about 600$ or so but lots of man hours took it home today now I get to Reassemble it

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  4. Snapped this pic last week.

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  5. Where did you get the smoked head light assemblies?
  6. Woops.... crash1.jpg
  7. AWW poor baby! What's your plan?
  8. Yea man idk what i did - I was trying to type in another thread (the paint one) and i somehow posted in this one. Got my tabs confused hahaha
  9. couple pics with my new cell phone from a coffee & cars event on last sunday morning
    20130728_095520.jpg 20130728_095513.jpg

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  10. couple more pics from same event sunday
    20130728_095737.jpg 7 20130728_095504.jpg 20130728_095850.jpg

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  11. Looks good John...Were are these coffee cake runs..LOL...I wouldn't mind going..Mustang is out for for a little bit water pump let go..ordered a new one..also while im at it im doing an electric fan too...But I can always roll in with the 300..;)
  12. At the local watering hole the5.0 can often be seen drinking its fill.

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  13. Love the guy with the Pacer sitting next to the Lambo, and take that pic of the A.M. down before Bill messes himself!
  14. The owner of the lambo is a family friend of mine. Sal, he owns zaino wax and polishes. Him and his brothers were infamous for being one of the best vette customize-rs in the late 70s early 80s in brooklyn

  15. lol yup it was Sal's lambo
  16. Cool guy ! I remember when he started that. business I was about 7-8 he was selling it at cruise nights out of a back pack

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  17. Whiskey Saturday_opt.jpg
    Whiskey Cafe Lyndhurst N.J. 8/10, Place was packed.
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