Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Your car looks great!!!! Wow wanted to go last nite wasn't feeling good..Looks like a nice turn out..
  2. Thanks, the weather was perfect with no rain in the forecast which must of brought everyone out. Some nice fox body cars too.
  3. American Muscle show today in Media, PA IMG_3824.JPG IMG_3823.JPG
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  4. Ahh, one more won't hurt IMG_3837.JPG
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  5. Went last year was a great show , wasn't ready to go this year

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  6. Was a great show. Like 1400 Mustangs. Bummer, I would have liked to seen your car in person
  7. cant wait till my car is show worthy. thats still a few pennies away
  8. not sure if ive posted mine


    3" tails added
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  9. I got there 7am last year was parked in the first row across from AM cars

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  10. I just "passed" my inspection, I can't wait till a few years, where I won't have to get an inspection on this thing.
  11. where did you get these?
  12. Actually I ordered them form Advanced Auto online using a promo code! Got them shipped to me for $219, love their discount codes!
  13. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1376352529.600875.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1376352553.784144.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1376352567.983058.jpg

    Went for some test hits in Mexico , going weds to test n tune to have some fun and she's running alot better this time

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  14. Corbeaus.jpeg Winkmirror.JPG Corbeaus.jpeg Wink mirror and Corbeaus (Titanium and black interior)
  15. digging the corbeaus, not so sure about the full length rear view though
  16. It was 20 bucks from pepboys and my excuse is my grandfather had one in his Bronco in the eighties....Its gehy but I like it!
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  18. I went with some of the guys (and girls) from my club. We got there early enough to be just one row up and all parked together - like 15 of us. It was way cool
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