Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. 331 stroker crate motor from M&R Engines, AFR 185's, XE 282 cam, Holley Systemax intake, Holley 75mm throttle body, Pro-M mass air meter, 30# injectors, BBK cold air intake, BBK shorties, BBK off-road h-pipe W/O cats, underdrive pulleys, MSD ignition, 2" aluminum radiator with Flex-a-lite electric fan, Eibach Pro Kit springs, shocks & struts, 3:73 gears with a 5 speed making about 500 RW horsepower.
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  2. I like it with the top down sweet!!!
  3. I think it would look even better with a light bar.
  4. and a few half naked chicks sitting in it.
  5. did I miss the mention of forced induction?
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  6. Naturally aspirated
  7. Getting closer! Been "slowly" acquiring parts doing a Heads ,Cam, intake swap. Last weekend I tore it all down. Spent the week detailing, repainting surrounding parts and accessories. Made some progress this weekend. Got the cam and heads installed yesterday so today I started putting it all back together.
    Hopefully I'll get it wrapped up soon.
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  8. I finally got my IRS cage put in the front mounts with the help of my dad. Trying to do it all myself with one jack and new poly bushings was proving impossible. Now I just need to get the rear mounts fabbed up and get brake lines done, then I can put it all together.

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  9. Looks bad ass
  10. IMG_20130820_191343_132.jpg
    Back in the garage ready to be fixed..
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  11. @84Ttop Gaaaah I wish I had that bender...
  12. @84Ttop please tell us you're going to retain the multicolor paint scheme!!
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  13. Sorry, but N/A that is not making 500 RWHP. especially with BBK shorty headers, and a off the shelf camshaft. Otherwise a very nice ride.
  14. Way to pi$S on the man's cornflakes there Bullitt!
  15. Reality can be harsh but that is what my point of asking about forced induction in my last post was.