Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. I just got these in today for mine

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  2. Sittin on the trailer about to be dropped off to have glass put back in!! 2013-09-20_15-52-23_666.jpg
  3. Bro what springs you have?
    I'm thinking about the drag pro kit Eibach springs or their lowering kit

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  4. Eibach with strange shocks and upr coilover kit in the front and same in the rear but viking springs not eibach
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  5. Diggin the colour and the monochrome paint scheme. :nice:

    That car need some bling to compliment the paint. Time to trade those Cobra's in on something with some chrome on them.
  6. great minds think alike I said that to him before they even went on the car

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  7. Nah never chrome they will be a dark grey powdercoat gonna run with this a few months
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  8. Just want to post a before pic .... bought a set of MM rear LCA.....tokico blues all around... haven't decided on EIbach Pro kit or H&R springs but want to get rid of this 4X4 look...I think the 17's make the fender gap look worse.

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  10. who da fcks gonna steal that, gheez its on ramps and jackstands, the steering wheel is hanging on the wall the piece of sh¡t
  11. do I spy an extra 85-86 wheel on the wAll

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  12. Hey when are you going to return my damn ladder?
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  13. ...and my drop cord!!!!! :rlaugh:
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  14. When you gonna give me back my jack stands you had for six months lmao
  15. Just pic-a-whoring on a solid thread :nice:
    ..... my new paint is finally curing and I'm Super Happy how it turned out!!! :cheers:

    IMAG0661-1 - Copy - Copy.jpg
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  16. Nice stickers... Too bad they don't make enough power to back it up :stick:

    Thanks for letting me know where it is :nice:

    Your car is mine, and you don't even know it :p

    Love the paint and the hood, but dem fogs is fugly!
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  17. You guys heckling Grover are cracking me up!

    Also, all these pics make me wish there was a Stangnet day. Would love to see all our cars on the road together.
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  18. aint gonna happen, as theres always one under some sort of scalpel :cool:
  19. Went to the dealership to look at some colors. My car was originally Deep Jewel Green but I think I may have found an update. What do you guys think? photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 5.JPG