Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. My F-250 is that color and it's awesome. I love it. Not a very good pic but it's really cool. Looks black til you get right up on it IMG_3166.JPG
  2. That's what I'm talkin about!!!!! Damn fine truck you got there sir.
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  3. Out for a blast last night u5eja5em.jpg

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  4. Sick coupe man
  5. Waahore
  6. Me no ;)

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  7. Why dont you just come down and take pics of my car
  8. Deal I wouldn't mind

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  9. new shot of my car, and a comparison from last year unfortunately it's almost time to put it away :(


  10. My POS fresh out of paint a few weeks ago. Haven't been able to work on it much since I got it back. I almost have all of my exterior trim painted. Working night shift and having other projects going on doesn't leave me much time to get as much done as I'd like. Slowly but surely it's coming together though..

    Stang and my Ranger hogging all the garage space:
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  11. At a cool local show this past weekend. The Northeast region Shelby club of America showed up with a special guest IMG_4426.JPG IMG_4427.JPG
  12. Love that color! If I ever change/paint mine again I'm digging that blue! Do you mind sharing what you used?
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  13. Hey thanks so much man!!!
    Well it's actually the factory color, I can go get the code later. A place called Miracle Glow off Buford Hwy in Ga did it. It's a 2 stage paint job that I got for for super cheap, bout half what a normal 2 stage cost. They were running a special and I was ready for paint :nice: The paint has metallic in it as well, so in person on a sunny day it sparkles real nice and at night it morphs to black, pretty damn wild. Check out my album to see the night pics called Midnight in Georgia. Before this paint job in 1999 i got the car waxed on the factory original paint. I remember the color poppin amazingly and even had a purple sheen auora glow on the edges. My friends were like wtf, :eek:where'd this color come from. I was pretty shocked thinking i've been missing out on my true paint color potential this whole time, cause it had been 6 yrs already. Just never had it truely waxed. I still haven't waxed it since this paint job since April, had it under a parking deck a lot so it was away from the sun for a lot of the curing. But I'm not even sure if they wet sanded it also when they painted it :shrug: they may have. I think 2 things really helped it pop, having the black trim painted with it and the pin stripe taken off. I literally have people stopping me at lights asking me about my paint, Freakin' Head Turner and i love it!!! :D
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  14. 1,200hp Monsterrrrrr!!!!! Bring on the ZR1....hell.....bring on two of them. This thing ain't scared!!!
  15. Have one of these scheduled to go on the dyno in the next few weeks and can't wait! First need to validate the 1000 hp claim then re tune it because according to the owner the drivability sucks!
  16. The claim is actually supposed to be closer to around 1,200hp. That's un...friggin real considering it was supposed to be attained with the same 5.8L engine and supercharger....and on pump gas to boot.
  17. 2013-10-10_17-57-09_570.jpg
    I feel like my cars upset with me
  18. I will have some real results from a customers car within the next few weeks and ill be sure to post up the results good bad or otherwise
  19. IMG_0646_zps7197766c.jpg

    new home for her
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  20. wow nice digs man.