Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. LOL It now has draglites and im in the process of buying a windshield length cowl hood so i fgred i wldnt waste the money. LOVE that color BTW, looks sinister!
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  4. Oh and here is how mine sits right now haha


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  5. I had chrome trim for a long time and it was in real nice shape but when i swapped doors i didn't keep it because i knew i was planning on blacking out the window trim. I'm debating doing a 5 lug swap this winter but i don't even have another set of rims and don't know what i'd go with if i did. Wheel Vintiques made some new school Mach 1 rims that i always liked but they're discontinued and near impossible to find.
  6. Here it is when i got it back in May and it's current state

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  7. The black trim looks good on your car, looks better with your paint and wheels then chrome would I would think. Ill probably keep mine chrome just because it looks good with the paint and it is in perfect shape too.

  8. I had always wanted to go with black paint and i love how chrome trim looks on black. Plus being an older car, chrome just works. You don't see chrome much anymore.
  9. X2!!!!!!!
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  11. AFS makes some:
  12. These are the ones i had in mind


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  13. Those look pretty sweet. And that Gt350 is sexy
  14. Waiting to put the interior back together and a couple other little things on the list, she's kinda on the back burner


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  15. Those are the best looking, No doubt. But when I was looking they were something like 550.00 ea ( that's why I didn't seriously try to find them)

    You've no doubt seen these then?

    I like you're car and all AND I like the color you chose, but voicing an opinion, I really think you could use a wheel change.

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  16. Yeah iv'e seen those too, but i felt those might be a little too retro for my car. The other style have less of that between the spokes stuff and look more like a traditional 5 spoke rim.

    And yeah, i LOVE my ARE's but i'm starting to feel like they're holding the car back a bit. I'd like the wheel wells to be filled out a bit more too.
  17. MOAR!

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