Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Small project for the day since I have to get ready for a baby shower we have tomorrow.



  2. DSC01628.JPG

    Just finished a supercharger install!
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  3. Man I want another Fox! That 4 eye coupe is gonna be awesome.
  4. I've had both springs, and I prefer H&R's.
  5. I smell a progress thread coming! :nice:
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  6. Oh hey it's the whore again ... went to visit pop yesterday u7yqe8er.jpg
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  7. null_zps40574fe3.jpg
    Did the fender spreader mod with a turnbuckle to resolve the rubbing. I like the slightly flared out look.
  8. out of town for work for the week...

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  10. Yeah... my phone normally doesn't do that to me. Not sure what I did to piss it off :(
  11. Had a 6 hr flight to Cali this past weekend and read up on it a bit. I'm not a huge tech guy but from what I read they completely disassemble the motor, new pistons, work the heads, and replace the factory supercharger with a Kenny Bell version (among other things I'm sure I missed).
  12. Oh and here's a pic I took IMG_4428.JPG
  13. her twin says hello shes not feeling well hahaha
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  14. They are almost twins except I bought black shoes for mine. Hope you get your issues sorted out soon.
  15. me too man.
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    Yup officially blown