Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Just finished adding some stuff. New headlights, tailights and hatch struts.

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  2. At the paint shop...FINALLY.

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  3. Nice toys for tots show today. All kinds of cool stuff for the kids IMG_4700.JPG
  4. 20131027_163334_zpsd52fd2e7.jpg

    Doing good just been driving it
  5. pulled the '89 out for some stress relief:

  6. Just wanted to thank you for ruining an otherwise perfectly good day for
  7. I hate you.

  8. wow your car looks really clean considering where you're from, i take it that this car was garaged most of its life? i was just in tobyhanna this past winter and theres no car that wont rust from the weather up there if you take it out during that season.
  9. LOL! I mean, literally, I laughed out loud! I'd like to feel sorry for you, but your car is faster than mine and makes more power than mine, so I'm still envious of YOU!

    Sorry! :D
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  10. Thanks man the only issue I had was a rear quarter panel. It was originally a Florida car most of its life. Been garaged for the past 12 years. Love Tobyhanna I go around those parts fishing and hunting a lot.
  11. This is a beautiful car! Congrats!
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  12. i only know that place because i was in tobyhanna from jan to valentines day which sucked ass. bet its nice there in summer time though. yeah i figured that nice of shape it can't be a north eastern car haha you cant take anything out up here during the winter with how much salt they dump on the roads. best of luck with the rest of the rebuild man!
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  13. 4blXXfq.jpg

    Locked down for winter.
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  14. Do tell, how is this accomplished?
  15. null_zps623dad76.jpg

    With the MM K on the car it moves the front wheels up 3/4" and running 9" wide wheels 255 I was getting a good bit of rubbing. The googler showed me the homemade fender spreader trick with 13 bucks worth of turnbuckles.

    No more rub and I like the subtle flared out look.
  16. Winters must come fast in Idaho huh?!
  17. We have a very small amount of snow currently but its been so rainy I wouldn't take the car out anyhow.