Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. That spreader is an awesome trick!
  2. I like it, but I'm not down for massacring the inner fender liner to accomplish it. Especially with all of my wires, starter solenoid, stereo main fuse, etc up there catching every bit of dirt and water in it's absence.
  3. Here's mine
    90 lx notch 5.0 5spd was a 4cyl
    got a few things in it gonna take it to the track next week to see what it does. IMG_20130913_192641.jpg
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  4. Nice, what track you going to?
  5. The ole lady loves that trick too ;)
  6. Ill be headed to MIR test and tune Sunday the 17th
  7. Cool! I may head up there to check things out!
  8. y5arary9.jpg aza8yty2.jpg 9uvu9y5u.jpg udypy3at.jpg

    coyote went 12.40 first time out ever , I got my time down 3/10ths to 14.36 , yellow car went 13.40 on a 75 shot great day today ! buddy's evolution went 11.76 as well
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  9. Moved to Dallas, TX about 4 months ago, its been sitting in storage since then :/

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  10. How mine sits at this moment..

  11. did you get the fmu sorted out on ten wife's car
  12. Hey Jeff Yes I did a member on here gave me a new vortech one bolted it up and bingo works great air fuels are right in the mid 11s right were I want it...Oh its not the blue one in the pics tho that's her other The other one is a 91 z28 black with a 350 is the old school blower on hers...need to make a custom air intake for it just put a temp air filter for now...runs great putting down close to 8 psi too.

  13. The cold seems to have killed the OEM rear hatch struts :(


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  15. A nice holiday parade me and some of my peeps from my club were in today Image 2.jpg Image 5.jpg
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  17. Took mine to the grocery store, then Memed it out:

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  18. mirracin.jpg
    Mine from last weekend, Yeah I beat that Trans Am.
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  20. approved !
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