Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Hey...I know that guy and gal!! Saw these on Facebook already, but yeah those are great pics!!!!! YEAHHH BUDDY. JERSEY STRONG.
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  2. 90 Ford Mustang LX Conv (11).jpg 90 Ford Mustang LX Conv (1).jpg 90 Ford Mustang LX Conv (2).jpg 90 Ford Mustang LX Conv (3).jpg
    Hi All, I got this '90 LX 5.0 Convertible almost a year ago. It was sitting in a friends driveway when I first saw it, and the timing was right; they were looking to sell it. Since then it's been sitting in my car port waiting for me to get un-busy. Well, the time has come and she's up and running now. Still needs some work, but that's ok. She has a strong motor and 5 speed trans, top works (and no leaks thankfully). My budget for it is tight, so I'll be improving it over time. But it's going to be an awesome ride! I first drove a GT model of this one back when it was new and have seen very few around. I took it around the block for a check ride and this thing is a beast. Ford makes the best Viagra!!
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  3. Nice, polish her up good and you should have a looker there!!!
  4. Man I haven't seen an lx running 10holers in awhile! Cool!
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  5. All I gotta say is.........

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  6. mines still sitting with the turbo crossover pipe offf and waiting me to put in a new head gasket. Too effin cold and snow here, so no hurry on my part!
  7. VEry nice looking mustang :nice:
  8. Pulled the Shocker out of the garage to do a post-drive inspection after last week's outing, then did a little detailing. I love this car, even if it IS a huge pain in the butt.

  9. Looking good :nice:
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  11. Holy smokes that is one insanely clean hatch! Love the engine bay!
  12. I've been busy.
    Went from this:
    To this:

    Going to the dyno tomorrow for tuning.;)
  13. Dyno tuning update from above.
    Before:285/314 on motor
    Now after supercharger:480/429 Not too shabby
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  14. that will do!! the bay looks great.
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  15. image.jpg image.jpg Way it sits now before I get carried away
  16. stock (circa 2007)


    And now :( (circa 2013)


    Thinking of going with Electric Red and silver two tone (like on the GT's)

    Build thread forthcoming!