Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. I moved from Florida about 4 months ago too, but to Colorado Springs. Mine has been in the garage for the past 3 weeks since we've had snow on the ground nearly continuously. I've driven it maybe 5-6 times since we moved. Waiting for a warmer day and the sand/salt to get off the roads before I take it back out again.
  2. Since construction has finally been completed on the HCI and supercharger install, I topped everything off with a new strut tower brace today. IMG_20131212_170531_536.jpg
  3. Clean engine just gave me a chubby
  4. Thanks! I've been told that I'm a bit anal.
  5. So........ your anal wants my chubby??? Not that type of party here bud!
  6. That's what she said
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  7. Ouch! LOL Let me re word that. "I've been told I'm borderline OCD"
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  8. 1526141_10153585415830459_622598272_n.jpg 1472090_10153585414790459_1491996026_n.jpg

    Got a chance to take mine out for a cruise today. It's been weeks since I've driven in. I miss it a lot. Hurry up spring!
  9. Very nice , reminds me of my coupe when I first got it
  10. Thank you. Yes, I've read a lot of your build thread. Yours has came a very long way and looks amazing.
  11. @TOOLOW91 i havent seen any more pic whoring from you lol
  12. image.jpg Pic at thanksgiving. Got to drive it for the last time this winter. Heater core is gone so I get to add it to the list of things to do.
  13. Thanks dude appreciate it . stay tuned cuz the blower is gonna go on shortly
  14. where you get the rims love them and the car looks sweet
  15. Thanks. Sorry but the car came with them. They are just 17x9 chrome Cobra R's. You can get some at a few places. American Muscle has some for example
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  16. Onefine88 what's your engine combo?
  17. Very nice!!! If I could make a suggestion. Disconnect your neg battery cable when storing the car.
  18. Why??
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