Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Well since you asked.
    -Paxton Novi 1000 with 3"x 7" pulley combo making 12psi.
    -UPR boostmaster powerpipe
    -60lb injectors
    -Walbro HP255LPH (Its done I'm about to install an Aeromotive Stealth 340LPH)
    -ProM 80mm MAF
    -AFM Mr. Freeze Methanol Injection
    -65mm throttle body
    -Holley Systemax intake with 1/2" spacer
    -Trick Flow Stage 1 camshaft
    -Edelbrock Performer RPM heads
    -1.6 roller rocker arms.
    -FRPP dual beehive type valve springs
    -stock bottom end
    -FRPP ceramic coated headers, offroad H pipe with 2 chamber Flowmasters
    -SVE radiator with Flex-a-lite Extreme 185 fan.
    -underdrive pulleys
    -AFM Competition stage 4 clutch
    -Stock t5 (LOL)
    Drag Radials coming soon
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  2. Thanks for suggestion. I bought car in 1994 ive never unhooked battery in winter haven't had any problems.
  3. Had a few warmer days here in the D.C. area so it gave me an excuse to bring the old girl out for a decent drive last friday. Hopped on the hot-lanes to get to work since the speed limit is higher and there's a lot less traffic, then left work to go out to the Dulles airport area for a meeting, and then got to take winding back roads to get home. Not a lot in terms of top speed, but I had a chance to cruise some on the highway, and then enjoyed the thrill of accelerating through the curves on the back roads. Felt good to stretch her legs some.. She may be starting to show her age some, but she sure can still move..

  4. Just got home from taking the family to Disney. I missed my babies!

  5. ^^^ Hoping my garage is only a few months away from looking just like that!!
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  6. In the back alley....

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  8. I love those wheels. I think they are really the only factory wheels I like on fox bodies.
  9. Merry Christmas to me from my sweetie IMG_5061.JPG
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  10. It's always good when your wife/girlfriend(hopefully not boyfriend)buys you gifts for your car.
  11. Ok... I'll bite.

    Nice headlights :rlaugh:
  12. Girlfriend. Bout time I step up and get her a ring soon... IMG_3467.JPG
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  13. Cruisin' Christmas 2013 IMAG0845-1.jpg


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  14. I edited your post to say what you should of said
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  15. "look honey I got you a supercharger. If you don't want it I'll use it, but really it's for you" Think it will fly?
  16. Always worth a shot! lol