Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. :lol:
  2. My car is at a paint shop it is almost finished. Sorry for the fuzzy pic I will get better/closer ones in the future. I'm really happy and wanted to share. Thanks.

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  3. Love the 10ths on it
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  4. Raised it up a little today-

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  5. Hibernating

  6. With the resent addition of HCI and 13lbs of boost I ran into traction problems. So, as of today the rear of my car now sits on these. Nitto NTo5r drag radials. "275/40-17's"
    Geee I hope they help before I kill myself;)
    IMG_20140104_123852_147-1.jpg IMG_20140104_124852_563.jpg
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  7. I blow mine off without any problem...

  8. Jesus... You have that thing pushing a broom for a living now? :doh:

    You're doing it wrong. :nonono:


  9. They won't help unless you've done something else to suspension to make it launch well. The sticky tires will make breaking them loose more violent though.
  10. Yeah I've got "learning" and alot of work to do in the launching department. This new found power is all new to me. My old tires had only around 8K miles on them but were 10 years old. They were hard, dry and needed replacing but at 230rwhp they seemed fine. Now at 480rwhp I had to replace them so drag radials were a no brainer.

    I have tons of suspension and chassis upgrades to make the car handle but I now need to do some work to make it hook. I know a big part of my problem is the 3.73 gears. They made the car fun for years with 230rwhp, but now they might be a bit much!
    But I can't help but think that if I could get the car to hook up with them it would be crazy fast.

    Any tips or advice on upgrades you guys can give me for better traction? I'm all ears.
    However these days this car is mainly a pretty weather Show/Cruise in car. I'm not looking to convert it to a drag racer but I do want it to hook better when I lay into it.
  11. Those wheels look great!
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  12. Thankya Sir!
  13. TeamZ street beast UCA,LCA,rear springs and strange adj struts/shocks with some good front coil overs. Obviously Frame connectors and highly suggest MM c+c plates

  14. I'll turn you onto the dude that I look to for advise on street handling and durability. @MFE92 He should be able to get you pointed in the right direction.
  15. I've hooked HARD on the street with *** Pro Series suspension, minus the solid Anti Roll Bar, and on 275/40-17 Drag Radials. That setup still handles reasonably well, so it's not what I'd call a drag setup. If your car is just a pretty weather car, drag radials will last you a long time. That's probably your best option on 17" wheels.
  16. new stance with the car raised up:


    and added a fire extinguisher today:

  17. That car looks awesome! Looks FAST too!
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  18. I'm liking that wheel/tire combo more and more. Are those wheels a viable option to run on the street?
  19. Thanks guys. The wheels are absolutely streetable. Holeshot will custom make your wheels with virtually any option. One option I chose with streetability in mind was to use 5/8" centers instead of the 1/2" centers. My thicker centers are supposed to hold up to street use (abuse) better than the thinner centers which are commonly used for drag racing.

  20. All I heard was "custom" $ka-ching$. lol