Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. 1989...LX 5 spd. One day at a time:)))

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  2. ^^basically describes everything about that car. I actually have to be careful walking by it in the garage. If I get too close, the car manages to swipe money out of my wallet as I'm walking past. I still haven't figured out how it does that...
  3. I'll ask my my daughter and get back to ya. :ninja:
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  4. Truth!!:lol:
  5. yeah my daughter just sneezed and I swear I could here change drop on my floor in the kitchen.
  6. Here is how she sits to this day.


    Doing some gauge upgrades, prepping for paint.
  7. No one in my house lives for free! hahahaha
  8. For some really odd reason, i would love to see that thing on street wheels and tires, and see it make a long road trip. Like over 1k miles. Just to see how it would survive. DO IT. :D
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  9. Welp, those ARE its street wheels and tires... and Hot Rod's Drag Week has always been a dream of mine. I'll post pics if I make it happen. I'm adding a more livable exhaust, so that should help with the street driving.

    Here's a pic from today:

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  10. Paid her a visit today. Man I miss the sun... IMG_5162.JPG
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  11. Purdy car..

    Sun was out here in the DC area, and the temp up to about 55, so I took my vert out for ride. People looked at me like I'm nuts driving around with the top down in winter, but I know that deep down they're all just jealous.
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  12. As of today mine is nice and high. :)
    Should make my restoration a bit more enjoyable!
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  13. Woke her up to fit her new blanket. 20140112_193651.jpg
  14. byhapegu.jpg

    New rims soon to come...any ideas?
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