Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. I'm in Cali.. Bay Area
  2. 03/04 cobra wheels or same year anniveraries gets my vote
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  3. winter still

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  4. Looks familiar

  5. 1.jpg 1991 GT - 30 K miles - all original
  6. Dating a chic with a

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  7. You better put a ring on that.
  8. Wouldn't wanna go dry humping the front of your car!!! Might lose an eye!
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  9. Or a peen
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  10. :runaway:Damn that's gonna fly
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  11. So did you get it in her garage on the first date or did she make you wait for it? :rlaugh:
    Careful, possession is 9/10's of the law, or so I hear.
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  12. That my friend was clever :lol:
    I actually helped her de~clutter to pull a car inside, I got first shift :rlaugh:
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  13. If you have to de-clutter a womans garage, you should run ;)
  14. My cover is rolled up in the roof, and yes... That's a beer bottle helping mock up the tailpipe!