Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Got her out for the calm between the snow storms here in PA IMG_5247.JPG IMG_5245.JPG IMG_5246.JPG to install a Christmas present today
  2. IMG_20140203_095318309_HDR.jpg
    At the shop about to be vinyl wrapped! The next time anyone sees a picture it will look much different!
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  3. But your car has sooo much personality the way it is. On the fence waiting to see the finished results. Congrats on getting it back together quickly though.
  4. image.jpg Here's mine yesterday. Just picked up a stormin Normin 1.5 inch cowl. Trying to decide if I love it or if I'm gonna trade for a standard cowl hood .
  5. Freezing here antenna off is exactly how she sits right now... I need a frick'in garage!

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  7. 1610071_10202242837865630_1686287452_n.jpg
    Painted the engine bay and wheel wells last weekend. Waiting on k-member kit. Tempted to keep painting underneath all the way back!
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  8. My 93 I just picked up

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  9. OMG :eek: that top is taking a beating!!!
  10. Love me some Calypso Green. Very nice. Good luck with it
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  11. Since your there already, grab a welder and start going crazy on the Swiss cheese engine bay. My coupe is sitting kinda like yours right now with no engine and no trans with my welder only a few feet away whistling at me. As soon as I get done remodeling my downstairs living room i'll be all over it.
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  12. . fuel-pump-replacment.jpg

    Replacing the fuel pump, tank going back in today.
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  13. ^^ she's sexy!!!
  14. Just the one because I already posted the others bodywurk1.jpg
  15. Always liked that cobra sticker style :nice:
  16. IMG_20140205_142422240.jpg Progress being made!!!
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  17. I like that! But I am a big fan of green!
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  18. Looks great so far cant believe that's vinyl wrap...
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