Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. usuvatu8.jpg . tanks out of mine all the seals , sending unit and new aeromotive are in it just waiting for por 15 to coat the floor and put it back in
  2. That's a clean red interior. Makes me remember back when I had red interior! Very nice!
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  3. Nice four eye! Have any plans for the car?
  4. Cleanest red interior ever goes to @GT George !
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  5. ^^^ not fair I have same interior and it hasnt looked that good for at least a decade....nice
  6. That's near perfect! Very nice
  7. That sucker is fine as frogs hair!
  8. I don't see any snow there. I forgot what that looked like. Really sweet ride by the way!
  9. A few things. I've upgraded to 87-93 front brakes with Hawk pads. The motor has Iron gt40's, TFS1 cam and spring kit, Edelbrock Performer intake with 65mm TB and spacer, Flowtech shorties w/ offroad Hpipe and a Flowmaster catback. I also converted to Mass Air to support the mods, and upgraded to a 3G alternator. I've got a Taurus Fan and Volvo controller waiting to go on as well. Just got to finish the body work, put the interior together and put a set of tires on it to get it road worthy. I've been working on it off and on over the last 3+ years.
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  10. that is some stupid clean paint and red **** interior. I dig it.
  11. since when is **** a bad word???
  12. My fixer uppers!
    Left is 88' notch, no motor, no trans but it's got lots of goodies like MAF conversion, 3:73's, full suspension etc

    Right is my 87' t-top that hasn't been touched since my twin daughters were born in July 2013. Still has lots of bodywork remaining and no time for that type of work which is why I bought the Notch. I'll transfer the motor and trans from the T-top to the Notch and drive it while slowly working on the T-top.

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  13. Home and back in the garage for now.... I was having empty nest syndrome with the car not at home. I have a few pieces of trim to put on, door handles, etc and the rear wing and it's off to the dyno for some fun time!!!
    IMG_20140207_173414221.jpg IMG_20140207_173526164.jpg
  14. Your car makes me want to drink a Corona, and I don't even like Corona all that much. Looks great!

    What does it say on the door rocker? GT 1350?
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  15. Looks great man!
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  16. Lol, It does say GT 1350 on the rocker. In 84' they had a GT 350 model so we added 1,000 hp to that just to make it a little special. It made just shy of 1350 rwhp on our last dyno session coming in at 1327. I'm confident with the new changes we will exceed that mark but just thought it would be neat to have something down on the rocker to break it all up.

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  17. WOW nick that came out awesome what body shop did this?...i want mine done now..!!!!!!!!!