Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. That Yamaha a 250 or what?

    Sorry but I bleed Blue AND Green!
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  2. Great eye, 05' YZ250f and it's tons of fun. Can't wait for spring time temps so I can get out for a ride.

    Nothing wrong with green at all, back in my Glamis days my friend had a killer KX500 that was scary as heck. I miss 2 strokes but I love thumpers a little more now in my older age.
  3. Cr450f here
  4. You alk know i like shiny....

    My old cr125 was to shiny to get dirty LOL

  5. My friend was soo upset because he was a big yamaha guy and had his brand new 2001 YZ426F and then Honda one upped Yamaha with the CR450F that spanked his 426.

    Nice GT madspeed ,that thing looks clean!!
  6. Thanks! Its actually a vinyl wrap and not paint. Designer Wraps in Millvillle NJ did the work. Dropped it off Monday and it was done by Friday!

  7. Wait... We haven't even seen a pic of her yet! :rlaugh:
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  8. what needs to be done to the car for them to wrap it??? do they prep it or would I have to???
  9. They wrap right over the existing paint. Any bodywork that needs to be done has to be done beforehand.
  10. Enough said....
  11. Nice wrap right there!
  12. Two-tone?:rolleyes: You got blasted! Crazy damn weather
  13. Silly wabbit tricks are for kids.... That's my streeter waiting on a garage spot lol.
    I am hating this dang weather!
  14. is that a plow sticking out the back?? :cool:
  15. Thanks Nick!!!! car looks sick I love it!!!!
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  16. Damn your nosey lol. Yanmar EX450 Loader/Backhoe to be exact ;)
  17. Getting her ready for a couple of car shows in March and of course April. I fabricated a plate to match the ones you see in the 87 Ford model year literature, I made it to just slip over the state plate, installs in 2 seconds.
    One less question to answer. :rlaugh:

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  18. Almost ready to make some dyno pulls!
  19. need new underwear , err mah gawd! cant wait to see the numbers tomorrow .
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