Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. They sit stock height or lower, I had '96 or '98 seats in and they sat up higher than stock. So it went way down but not sure how far but pretty good none the less. I'm 6'1" so it was it was welcomed. These '09 seats lowered me back down. It was a seat swap, no upholstery involved. Just used stock brackets and a flat spacer on the rear bracket holes.
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    Just in time for spring!
  3. Nice @MikeH686, As soon as I finish putting my car together, I'm gonna come check yours out!
  4. It's really nothing special haha but thanks I'll be down at budds creek for a lot of their events especially when the Nmra event comes to town, to watch nick @84Ttop run the green monster
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  5. Yessir!!! I'll be there!
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  6. Took the day off from work to get her inspected and serviced today. Took a cruise to a local park for a quick beginning of the season photo shoot IMG_5379.JPG IMG_5378.JPG
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  7. Fox got kicked off the lift so I could take a peek at the newest member. 93 Toy 4x4
    Sounds so docile!

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    Got everything welded up for my catch can system credit to @84Ttop for welding up the valve covers for me! Can't wait to get the covers back from the powder coater so I can assemble this stuff!
  9. Just say no to powder coat. Polish and clear them things!!
  10. My vert and my old SSC out for Pizza yesterday. I sure miss that car!
    At least I sold it to a close friend and we get together all the time.
    There sits 998rwhp combined.;)
  11. Well here's the thing my good friend I despise polished products with a passion
  12. Then send them over my way and I'll send my black and red FRPP Covers in trade. :nice:
  13. Nah haha I don't like red either ;)
  14. I will throw in a little bottle of black paint and not one, but TWO brushes.
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  15. You still have the coupe?
  16. both coupes T top and black one, but neither of them run.

    Black one needs an engine probably going to go with a 408 NA Efi setup when I find the time.

    the blue one might be headed off for someone else to build for me, just do not have the time, or the skill to finish that the way I would like it.
  17. Nice. Always liked the black one. I do remember a while you posting some pictures of the blue one. What do you have planned for that one?