Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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    Soon enough were almost there
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  2. Heres mine

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  3. Nice firebird in the background. I'm driving one while my mustang is getting it's interior worked on. The firebird, however, is painted with spray paint by my older sister. Car is a hand me down being everyone's first car. It's a POS
  4. Thats a buddy of mines car my uncle built a 383 for, but i do have a black one for my daily
  5. gettinthere.jpg gettinthere2.jpg

    A little dusty but she's gettin there!
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  6. Took PTO today to get the Fox aligned after the 04 Cobra rack install.

    And its raining balls! My Fox has no wipers ( because racecar!) actually because nice weather toy only...

    It was close by so I went for it...

    I brought the MaX Motorsports recommendations and the local Les Schawb "expert" was very good ( loved the car)
    Hooray no more rubbing, my toe wa so bad he had to push the car all the way forward on the rack, whatever he dialed it in per MM spec.

    Back home, hard to tell but its a damn mess from the rain.

    IMG_0707_zps3fccdfc2.jpg \



    the homemade fender strecher :)

    And the rear just cause.

    Now I need some nice weather to drive this SOB!
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  7. wish i had your set up to work on my ride!! is killer also...!
  8. @GroverDill

    Nice weather was last week, where were you and the Fox then?
  9. The local guy was off last week and the manager said he was the only one he wanted to do it, so I waited :(

    Now my car is a mess!
  10. Why the need for the fender opener now?
  11. i want the lift, garage, rims and oh ya the 5 lug... thats an awesome setup!
  12. to stop the rubbing the 3/4" forward wheel offset, 17x9 and lowered car it rubbed before.
  13. Gotcha, didnt realize it rubbed before
  14. sexy again!
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  15. Better pics out of the garage. I am trying to set the morimoto projector HID setup
    stangprofile.jpg stangprofile2.jpg stangprofile3.jpg
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  17. Agreed, looks good!