Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. She looks guuud!!! Can't wait to see some #'s

  2. LOVE that green bro!!!! gorgeous i had a 550hp na 73 Z28 that color many many years ago
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  3. quick shot in the garage

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  4. GREAT looking engine compartment... and UPR caster camber plates! :)
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  5. Thankya sir! You missed the UPR boostmaster pipe, and the front radiator cover. I am a fan of your UPR Products!:nice:
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  6. looks real nice brotha! nice and clean heres a recent pic in my garage of my engine bay all cleaned up sportin lots of UPR stuff too
  7. Thats PUURDY!
  8. Got new clear headlights from latemodelresto


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  9. Looks good, amazing what a set of new headlights can do... Next should be the fog lights on the list!
  10. I ordered them with the headlights. They are on back order :(
  11. Looks good!!

    Which ones ya get? The official type ones, or their economy ones? Did you get the set with the adjusting plates or just reuse what you had? I have to replace my headlamp and marker light from my little fender better of a few weeks back, and I'm thinking about changing the whole set, and I don't really see the point in paying x5 more for official Ford ones.

  12. They are the economy ones with the clear corners which look amazing. I got them for $80 on sale, they are $90 I believe. I just reused the adjuster, the only thing that didn't fit correctly was the metal clips that hold the adjuster onto the headlights. I actually didn't install them because the adjuster fit very tight. If you wanted to use the metal clips you would have to shave some plastic off.

    If your adjuster is messed up from the wreck I would get the economy kit
  13. you need that clip or your headlight will fall out!!!!

    take some sandpaper to the outside of the plastic posts. then use a drill bit same diameter as the adjuster bolts which are the ones tajt go in the hole. the clip has a small divite piece that fits in the adjuster groove. use a 4mm wrench or socket onthe 3 adjusters to get the beams aimed

    i believe the word economy is a misnomer as it only means the black brackets arent included.

    i did this install last fall

    looking good @dnbonds
  14. I'll do that tomorrow morning, thanks. I ran out of time so I had to rush lol. They were in tight enough that it was tough to pull them back out to adjust without breaking the mounting points.

    Edit: The headlights I replaced didn't have the 4mm socket like you said. Both them and my replacements needed to be removed and adjusted with a philips screwdriver. It was already adjusted but didn't sit level with the side markers so I turned all the screws 5 times. Made it a lot less noticeable.
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  15. MG_9476.jpg
    Thought this was a neat picture my buddy took.
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  16. DSCN0623_zpsb3jnxlyx.jpg
    as of 3 weeks ago when i sold it. Not really sure how it looks now........ Probably ragged and abused
  17. thanks brotha!