Post pics of stangs gone horribly wrong

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  1. I was bored and came accross a fugly 'stang on and wondered if a thread like this was ever done before. In any case, I'll start:



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  2. Some guy I know.

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    Its a V6 and he brought it to the track when it was running on 5. :doh:
  3. This was wrong from the factory.
    What a mean joke..

    And well....

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  4. you guys dont like the top one? :shrug:
  5. yea check out that cool shifter! :D
  6. I though it was one of those snake lights :shrug:
  7. My girlfriend said you're mean and she likes the pink one
  8. A girl in my Senior class had a Pinkish/Purplish '94 V6. I know it was a factory color, cause the school secretary bought the car new, and I always saw it in the parking lot since 4th or 5th grade(my school was K-12).
  9. The one on top isn't tooooooooo bad...

    The worst one has got be the green POS that I posted the Ebay auction for a while ago....c' had a roof scoop!
  10. I have a few on my home computer that I saved, I'll post them later.
    What is it with some people and white wall lettering... It looked good on old muscle cars but I feel they shouldn't be anywhere near late-model sports cars.
  11. haha yeah, i was trying to find pics of that car... what a waste of a mustang that was...
  12. redneck_stang.jpg

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  13. It is pretty dam n ugly epecially the interior.... and look at the splash guards...who the hel l puts splash guards on a mustang.... what a retard
  14. :shrug:
  15. :Zip2:
  16. :lol: :lol:

    I was about to post a Mustang II
  17. man, those were some bad years for the mustang. Occasionally at shows you'll see one that actually looks good. The mid-70's mach1's weren't that bad
  18. This car was at a show I went to last summer. I appologize if this belongs to someone on these boards, but its just way too over-done


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