Post pics of stangs gone horribly wrong

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  2. nmra06%20123.jpg

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  3. Its actually kinda impressive. I couldn't screw up a mustang that bad even if I tried!
  4. It's like giving an Orange Alien a handjob everytime you shift gears.:rlaugh:

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  5. I guess he couldn't decide which color to use as his theme, so he went with all of them. lol at the rear quarter windows that don't seem to want to go down

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  6. Check out the Tweety mats on the yellow car on the first page, and best of all the yellow wire loom covering the strut tower brace. lol
  7. Ok this was on that page too. Its pretty bad from the back, but bearable.

    But get to the front....
    THERE IS A ****ING SPOILER ON THE HOOD!!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  8. Ford-Mustang-Giugiaro-Concept-001.jpg

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  9. now that chit is funny :rlaugh:
  10. +1 :uzi:
    What a disgrace to Mustangs, what was this guy thinking?

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  11. lol Low-5.0, looks like he has 3 shift lights, bet he could light up the entire street at night.
  12. im noticing a trend here with wings on the hood lol and 99+ stangs lol


    think of how hard it would be to shift that bent shifter lol....

    and my worst looking stang pics would consist of stock mustang 2's and stock 4 eyes... i say that because there are some nicely done ones

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  13. What are people smoking these days? Since when is it popular to put rear spoilers on hoods? These people should all be shot for trying to be "different" :notnice:
  14. I don't know, I like it.

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  15. they both look to be the same spoiler these guys must be in cohoots or we are just way out of the cool circle and out of the "times" when it comes to style ....

    well the tuners are finally getting the concept of needing a spolier on the front to get those fwd's planted to the ground but mustangs arent fwd... :nonono:
  16. here's a few, not the most horrible ones I've seen, but not my cup of tea


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  17. man those are some low rides i kinda like the middle one i would put 94-95 tails and get some different tips for it but its a easy fix :D
  18. This sure puts Doug's pimp white interor to shame

  19. I want to see the paint on that thing. lol