Post pics of stangs gone horribly wrong

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  1. They're not that bad... especially modified. Besides, who doesn't modify a Mustang?




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  2. aparently the owner i have bought both my stangs from 100% bone stock :D
  3. Must be something wrong with him. :shrug:
  4. I'm doing more to my car next weekend than the previous owner did in 8 years with it.
  5. whoops i ment both owners with a s lol my vert belonged to an older guy who had a huge comute to woke everyday and was getting a divorce and said the last person he wanted to get his car was his ex lol...

    my 94 i bought it was on a diff road for sale got it then we bought our house and the people we bought the car from lived 3 houses down the road lol it was for sale at his parents house they got more traffic out was his wifes carhes got a mildly modded 94 were all friends lol its funny to me
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  7. Besides the three shift lights and the tachs... Check out the dash Emblem! GT/R ahahahahahah And notice all the dash inlay kits Don't MATCH!

    The old style N2o button < Not much wrong with
    The door locks
    Steering wheel cover
    mirrors! havent seen one with a bubble mirror in it... IN a long time!
    the engine... I wont even start one

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  8. i want the steering wheel cover for mine...and my 93 had those bubble mirrors when i bought it the owner did a lot of long travel commuting those lenses covered over half the original mirror lol

    but jinx's stang has a twin in my neighborhood cept. the one around here is rolling on 20's
  9. well this doesn't technically fall into the horrible mod category, but it represents a common theme here - sheer stupidity


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  10. How would you know!!!! :D :D

    I have a picture but i gotta look for it. Were a 99-04 GT hit one of my dads house brick fence, Guy died instally, and almost hit the house. The car flipped and everything

  11. I'm in the same boat as you....i'm a little scared
  12. nothing loaded for me so i have no idea what t hat was about :shrug:
  13. I'm glad he posted that. It means I'm not alone :D
  14. lol mm.....i know everyone says your car is rice....but its not!
  15. my guess is your referring to me? I did that just to start ****. You know how I am lol