Post pics of you classic mustang! Ill start.

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  1. My dad and I are looking for a car we can do a budget build up on for a nice weekend cruiser and I found this car. Its a 69 ex v6 car with a 79 versaile(sp?) 302 in it. I learned alot about my mechanics with my 94 and I think we can make this a pretty cool car for small amount of money. We didnt buy it yet, I still have to talk my dad into going 50/50 on it with me. Anyways I was wondering if you all could post pics of your cars or other nice cars youve seen/have pics of so I can get a few ideas on waht we can do with this one. Post up!


    Also can anyone tell me more about this car? Its not a fastback which is kinda a shame. These cars are back in the day for me so im not to sure what its worth, how cool it is (equivalent to todays v6 mustang compared to the v8?) or hwatever. Give me as much info as you can!
  2. Here's a couple pictures of mine:



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  3. Here's my 72


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  4. P7240006a.jpg


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  5. What's the VIN of the car? The only V-6 'Stangs were in the II's and early Fox Mustangs. The VIN will give a little info on the car. Otherwise, looks like a basic I-6 car dressed up. If it's solid, and not pricey, pick it up.

    Some of my past machines...



    The Mach...


    The Deceiver...


    and my current project...


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  6. Looking good guys!! The guy has and original hood scoop and spoiler for it as well as all the chrome trim and a bunch of other extra parts for it. All the shelbys and stuff were fastbacks right? Cause we would like to make this into some kind of clone but I dont know if we can.
  7. about the only kind of clone you could make of it would be a Grande or a GT. if you decide to do a GT clone let me know, i have an extra 69 GT gas cap which was a one year only item. they aren't cheap though these caps usually sell for around 2-300 bucks.
  8. My first post here I believe.. :)

    Here's my '68ht with a 351w! (The cars located in Sweden)
  9. I'll's a (fairly) recent photo of my "sally"....:
  10. Last winter.....


  11. [​IMG][/IMG]

    here's my other baby.. and like chepsk8 said, there's no such thing as a V6 64-73 mustang, not unless somebody put that thing in there.. and there's no shame in owning a coupe, I think they're nice, and plus you dont really have to be concerned about anything you put in it engine wise cuz they are smog -exempt, 351C,390, 429? hey who knows, its up to you. If they're not asking for too much money, I say get it! Good luck! :nice:
  12. Well this engine doesnt sound like the most powerful engine out there but like I said were on a budget. Ill have to look what kind of heads are on this car and maybe I could just put my stock cam/heads from my 94 on it or a set of GT 40s on it. Then a small shot and some nice exhaust to sound good, polish it up and it should be fun! It would be mostly done for looks, and some go. My 94 satisfys my need for go. This car has all wheel disc brakes(5 lug), 9" rear end, americain racing wheels, new floorpans/trunk and a bunch of other extra stuff. I talked the guy down to 2600 so far, but my dad likes the fastbacks and is not really interested in this car. Well see, I really like it.
  13. If the car has the work done on it that you state, I would think its a bargain for $2,600, assuming the work was done right. As I'm sure everyone on this forum would agree, a half-ass floor replacement, or any project, for that matter, whether it be a restoration or restomod project, will cost you nearly the same if not more as doing the project right from scratch if everything needs to be redone due to shoddy workmanship. Looks like a nice project car for the price you stated, but looks, and especially pics, can be awfully deceiving. Find someone who knows what's up in your area to help you, and good luck!
  14. Oh everything was done right, except maybe the motor. I have no idea what power that thing is making and it has lke 2.5X gears so the thing is probably slow as it sits. Easy to fix tho. It has a few rust spots and the clear coat is peeling but I wanted to learn how to spray paint down anyways because I plan on paining my 94.
  15. See this car is BADASS!! But we couldnt make the 69 look like a Mach because its not a fastback. And a Coupe mach 1 would be weird wouldnt it?
  16. My 65.

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  17. I doubt that most people would even know the difference, and as long as you did it right, I suspect you'd get respect among Mustangers. I have a pearl white '65 Coupe painted with a 1989 Cadillac Allante paint color and custom mixed pearl red Shelby style stripes, but it has "GT 302" side stripes because I didn't want anyone to think I was passing it off as an original Shelby. It is emblemless, so nothing suggests Shelby beyond the stripes. Yet, I have constantly been asked whether its an original "GT 302," which, of course, never existed. So, the fact that its a coupe whereas all Shelby's were fastbacks or convertibles doesn't even slightly register with the average Joe. My point is, do what makes you happy, and as far as others go, f'em and feed em' fish heads.
  18. Here's a unique paint scheme I saw at the car show. As you can see this car has won quite a few trophys.

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