Post pics of you classic mustang! Ill start.

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  1. Reminds of..
  2. I was thinking that same thing!!
  3. Just a bit of side info. This kid won the 'Youngest entry award' he is 15 and his mom said he started the project when he was 13 and did every thing on his own.

    Yup, definitely has a Starsky-N-Hutch thing going on.
  4. Here's a couple pics of my 67 coupe




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  5. My pics are in my sig. Sorry I am too dumb and lazy to learn how to post them up.
  6. The two asphalt kickers....

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  7. here is a link to some pics of my 67 fastback. If you go to the "new pics" part of the site, you will see what the bonehead roofers did to my car.
  8. Getting ready to take it to the paint shop to finish the bodywork and paint it, pictures are kinda blurry, but my Cragars are shiny :D

    Car had 5 total paintjobs when I started and swiss cheese quarters under the last 4. My friend and I welded in 2 new quarters, the doors came off a 66 I had, all metal stripped to bare, Shelby hood scoop molded in.

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  9. heres mine before and after
  10. Love that orange!!!!!
  11. thanks,its a HOK pearl with some extra pearl added so it cant be copied :D
  12. It can't be copied but the pictures can be stolen and used for....let's say for a Cal Mustang catalog perhaps?? :nonono: B-a-s-t-a-r-d-s!

    How's it going man? I have to agree I love the orange, not that you haven't heard that from me before. You've done a heck of a nice job with your car! I will continue to aspire to be as good. I wish I was still on the west coast to get our cars together for a photo shoot. Hey maybe I could photoshop them together, I promise not to sell the pictures off to any parts suppliers! DOWN WITH CAL MUSTANG! LOL
    Hey if you'd be interested in me putting our cars into the same picture let me know. I'm pretty good with photoshop and given the right picture of your car I could add mine or cut yours out. Let me know!

    Again, great looking stang! :hail2:

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  13. sure, i know nothing about photoshop so let me get a good pic(what angle) and have fun :hail2:

    I let my worthless lawyer go since he said"theres lots of orange mustangs around,it probably not even yours" :notnice: ,plus i have been finishing up cancer treatment and i sorta dropped interest in the cal mustang thing,but i just sent a letter saying if we dont settle,im taking it to litigation :fuss:

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  14. Cool, email me a picture with your car at about the same angle of the picture you posted with your car at the show (above). Try to take it when the sun is straight up and at park or something where there's nothing but trees or nature in the background. Last thing, take the highest megapixel picture you can take and don't shrink it to send it to me. My email will take it.
    This will be cool, I'll put them together and send you a finished copy and post up one for everyone to see.
    Do you still have my email address? If not PM me and I'll send it to you again.

    Sorry to hear about that Cal Mustang thing. Anyone on this forum who just looks at the pictures will KNOW, not think, KNOW that is your car. I hope your treatments are going well and making good progress!
  15. Here's mine. Daily driver for 11years. Finally coming off duty for rust repair.

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  16. still waiting to drop in a v8 so the stripes are actually official :D hopefully by the end of the year


    not sure why the pictures are so must have messed something up...but i'm way too lazy to clear out my attachments and upload new photos
  17. My 70 Mach 408 cleveland.

  18. Heres mine. '68 with a 200 I6/C-4. Im about to drop in an 8" rear, V-8 spindles, rebuild the suspension, 17" Torq Thrust II rims, and either go all out on the I6, or drop in a slightly built up 302. I want the V-8, but w/ the gas prices in Kali, it just seems impracticle.

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  19. my project 71 basket case and my friends 72 Mach 1 with a F.I. 5.0 ho

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  20. pic keeps coming out to small sorry