35th Anniv *Post Pics of your 35ths*

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by smokin'Red35th, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. I like a 35th without a spoiler. Looks way better than a Bullitt IMHO.
  2. Damn right it does..... The DHG Bullitts are nice though, and I like the intake setup better on Bullitts.
  3. Here's mine, an old pic. I have a ton more , but their on my other computer.

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  4. You have a regular GT, not the "Limited". Nice though.
  5. Hey Jason,
    Any idea what's going on with Mustang35th and David? I'm sure he's got other stuff going on that's keeping him too busy to tend to the website, but it's getting pretty sad. It used to be such a great site. It even brought me and my car (#1918) together!
    "Topless in Seattle"

  6. Honestly, I don't know anymore...I tried and tried to keep things going in the forums, but with a lack of support from David, I cannot do much. I did email him and he seemed to be still interested in working the site, but nothing really progressed after that. Even now, the forums are off line. I am at a loss.
    However, I will still be here at least during the week to continue helping the "Limited" gain exposure and get the knowledge out there.
    I also have a complete list of "Limited" VIN #'s(production number) now and can help with that.

    Keep the faith.

  7. It seems that mustang35th.com never really recovered from that long absense after the server loss a couple of years ago. The forums never regained their activity. Membership never bounced back. It's a shame. The cars themselves are falling into 2nd and 3rd ownership. New owners don't care about the LE pkg. I saw a black coupe over the summer and the only thing left on the car to identify it was the honeycomb applique between the tail lights. New hood, new wheels, even the interior was completely stripped out and replaced with a light tan interior. Carpet, dashboard, the works. Made me sad. :(
  8. Could it have been a non-LE that they put an aftermarket Rear Panel on?

    I thought I saw a another LE Red 'vert one day here in Seattle, but after I caught up with him, I saw that it was an '01 with an add-on rear panel that made it look a lot like a '99 LE . . . .

  9. Well, it's now been more than a year since David last updated the site . . . I keep checkin' back, hoping he's done something, but I guess it's dead, truly dead.............
  10. I had my car painted last month so I thought I'd share the pics.


    Also, is there anyway I can find out my build number? I had it once before but lost it.

  11. I can get it for you, just PM me your VIN. I have the list of all "Limited" VIN's

    BTW guys, I emailed David and asked about the site, he has been busy the last year, he went back to school. He talked about doing a "Blog" because they are easier to maintain. He still has his "Limited". Maybe well see some changes, not sure.
  12. Hey VOORHEES, can you get my build number and information when you have time too, my VIN# is 1FAFP42X6XF191203. Thanks!
  13. Check your PM's.
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    Someone stole the honeycomb panel off the back, I need to get a replacement. I heard it can be ordered with more than just the GT emblem, like, Mach1, and something else..I dunno, but i've also heard they're gonna be out of production....I dont have a freakin credit card, but I have **** loads of cash I won a settlement and I cant find a damn thing locally, I hate where I live.
    I dont want an atm card, but i'm gonna have to get one just to get parts for my car....or can I go to ford for this?? Also i'll be putting a saleen front end on it, with the blacked out lights, other than that I wont be changing anything but the wheels. I'm doing it all at once, and i'm doing it next year.
    But I want the rear panel now...

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  15. I know tommie vaughn ford in houston sells them for around $175 or so but I have heard other places sell them for alittle less but don't know who.
  16. There was one for sale on eBay last week, I just checked and it's not there now, auction musta just ended..... Every once in a while there'll be one there.
  17. here is my baby

    toddsmustanggsxrtyson0028rt.th.jpg toddsmustanggsxrtyson0045ew.th.jpg

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  18. I guess its been basterdized from its original 35th appearance, but it was once upon a time, a 35th anniversary GT.

  19. Looks nothing like a 35th anymore, totally different.

  20. Was noticing that your GT isn't a real 1999 "Limited Edition". All 1999 Mustangs(V-6 and GT not Cobra) had the simple badging. The side scoops on your GT are the standard 1999 V-6 or GT ones, and the lower rockers are also the standard ones. "Limited Edition" rocker panels are different from the ones you have.
    Nice car though.