40th Anniv Post pics of your 40th package!!!

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  1. post them I will have mine up later today! :flag:
  2. Here's my Crimson Red, engine bay pic doesn't show my crimson red painted strut tower brace:



  3. My 40th

    This is my black 40th anniversary.The pics were taken right after i got it home from dealer.The previous owner needs **** slapped for not taken care of it like he should have.. :fuss: ( pics arent very good ) i'll take some better ones later on..

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  4. Nice car BLaCK....Thats the 1st black coupe i have seen with the package....I have a black vert V6 and a crimson vert V6 up here by me. I have the only crimson GT around these parts that i know of....bringing her out of hibernation this week :D
  5. I'm thinking about lowering it 1" and adding polished 17" bullitts....or would it look better with stock rims? What do you think?
  6. nice cars all of you! :nice:
    hey stang pro is that what your car made stock with just the K&N? is it an auto?
  7. :shrug:
    I like our rims... but I want 10.5's on the back I wonder how much $$$ it will take to make them arizona beige?
  8. What color strip is that on the white one?
  9. its gold from what I see...
  10. Hey MGSTANG, Where did you get the grill delete kit with the GT symbol?

    thanks :hail2:
  11. The grill delete is from Ford, and the GT symbol I got online. But not worth the price, make it yourself. It's just a little bracket w/ a regular GT badge stuck to it. Found that out after it got here. But it is cool anyways. Just not worth the price. But if you wanna pay the money, I will give you the website when I get home from work.
  12. MGSTANG Where did you get the GT emblem for your grill delete?
  13. I got it here: http://links.stangnet.com/view.cgi?ID=484

    Go to emblems, then grill emblems. And it's there. In my opinion, cheaper to make than to buy. It's just a bracket w/ a GT badge attached to it. Even though I didn't find that out until I got it. lol
  14. The car was a stock auto with only a garbage k&n drop-in, and it got over 26hp from the CAI, plenum and TB. Dyno results are in the articles if you follow the link fromt he page above.
    It now also has some Steeda satin a/c knobs, a Steeda Grille delete and we're working on some other things...

    I think the project car page has the wrong power listed though. I'll have to get that fixed.
  15. the 206hp 236tq was with just the K&N?
  16. Yep. The k&n adds nothing we just had it laying around and the paper filter needed to be replaced to I tossed it on.
  17. Here's my car which is currently for sale! New one coming in soon.

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  18. yellow is not a 40th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Don't be such a rude jerk. My car has the 40th Annv. Edition package on it.