40th Anniv Post pics of your 40th package!!!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by stangliter04, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. The 40th Anniversary Edition package was a $900 option only available on cars in 3 colors.... Crimson Red, Oxford White and Black. The fender badge does not make yours a 40th Anniv. edition. He was not being rude....he was trying to educate you and you took it the wrong way :nonono: .....lighten up just a bit.
  2. I'll post pics of mine later when I can put it on the computer!!

    See sig below!! 40th Mach I
  3. We 35th guys have the same problem...search ebay for "35th anniversary mustang." It pulls up alot of V6s... :rolleyes:
  4. chill Pam sheesh....
    I guess I should have been more clear my bad....
  5. My 04 click to enlarge

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  6. Here it is

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  7. Tooo funny, yours is only the second car online that I have found so far, that is like mine...here are my pics...

    My 2004 GT
  8. SWEET :hail2: I also had a blue 641/2 but I sold it. I like your cloth sets I have leather and they get very hot in the summer so I got some covers for them. :cheers:
  9. IMG_0531.jpg



    Chin spoiler and shorty antenna are on their way.

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  10. I like convertibles, have I seen your car before somewhere?
  11. very nice 40th. :nice:
  12. Well here's another white one! I count three members with white! The few the proud!


    I have yet to see another white one on the road. I have only seen a crimson V6 also.

    BTW fellow stangers, If your 2004 mustang doesnt have body colored side mirrors its not a 40th anni. package. Thats the main difference. Oh and the ARIZONA BEIGE BULLITTS....

    Seems to be a bit of confusion here.


  13. I have never seen another white one on the road either!!! It seems to be impossible to find out the production numbers though....
  14. Here's mine, still at the car dealer


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  15. 2.jpg

    theres mine, a friend of mine is a amateur photographer, so he did the pics for me.

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  16. Dude I freaking love your car! Damnit that's nice, and a lot of it, is really, I mean, I know what to look for, you obviously are as good as anyone at taking care of a car. Well done. These cars deserve the treatment.


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  17. thanks man. Yeah my parents got it for me for graduation last year. its my life. Im plan on keeping it forever
  18. Those are some great pics. I suck at taking pictures and never get shots as good as those.