Post pics of your '64-'66 Mustang; I'm getting a '66 soon and want ideas

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  1. Just like the title says. I am most likely getting a 1966 Mustang Coupe in a couple weeks. It needs cosmetic work inside and out. I'd like to see pics of any kinds or styles of '64 1/2-'66 Mustangs you all have. I'm looking for all kinds of pics. Inside, outside, wheel pics, etc. I have a couple ideas of things I want to do, but I'd like to see what you all have to help give me some ideas.

    Thanks in advance :nice:
  2. My first car was a baby turd yellow 66 Coupe. Had a I6 and a 3spd. Put a 302 from a Torino ? in it , it would move out okay. Dont paint it baby turd yellow. People will point and laugh. I know from experience. :D My buddy has a great looking 66 candyapple red coupe. Ill see if he has any pics.
    Cool name too ! :nice:
  3. here you go...


  4. I'd love to see the pics of your buddy's car. Candyapple Red is the color my girlfriend wants me to get it painted. I love that color.

    And thanks for the compliment :nice:
  5. Nice cars Penguin. Do you happen to have any interior shots of your '66?
  6. My car


    My interior

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  7. Nope... I'll go take one though. :D
  8. sorry, I deleted the pic it was waaay too big. You can find itHERE
  9. Hey... you stole my rims!! I've never seen those on an older one, they look good. Your fuel cap is original?
  10. '65 Fastback

    Okay, so I made a few changes, but she's all mine.

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  11. That would be great. Thanks!
  12. Wow. I never would have guessed the newer GT wheels would look ok on a classic Mustang. Nice! :nice:
  13. Here's a shot of my interior...

    :: Disclaimer :: Keep in mind I've always driven it daily (rain or snow) and I work with animals... A dirty job. :l :: Disclaimer ::

    Only thing's I added are new front seat covers, the middle humphugger armrest thingy, smaller steering wheel (no more hitting my legs on it), foot gas pedal (I love that), and in-dash CD player.
    Other than that... it's completely original.


    Almost forgot... the inside was egged a few months ago (left my window open)... I never got all of the stains out of some places... :nonono:
  14. Dial up users may not like me anymore...but these aren't too large....

    Ohhhhh I love posting pictures....did I post enough? huh huh did I did I?

    1965 c code fastback lower 1.5 inch in the rear 2 inch or so in the front. 17 inch rims with 235 45 17 and 255 40 17 tires. Red Matallic paint, GT valance, shelby'esk nose job


    408 Cubic inch cleveland stroker putting down 393 RWHP through an AOD and 9 inch rear with 4.11 trac-lok chunk, all stuffed under the hood with no engine bay mods. Added front t-boxes, subframe bars, export brace and MC bar in addition to front and rear sway bars and shelby underriders to help the car stay planted


    Upgraded the interior with JME gauge set, fixed the hacked up dash by making the hold bigger and covering part of it with a shelby radio delete plate and put in late model Bullitt Seats


  15. dodgestang... your car = :drool:

    I swear you people want me to get a GT rear valance... it just... looks... right.
  16. Penguin: Thanks for the interior shot. How do you like that arm rest/console?

    Dodgestang: Wow. That's a nice car. Almost the exact color I want to paint mine. Just want it a little darker. Did you have trouble installing the Bullitt seats? What about how they move since I know the driver's seat is supposed to be power. Were you able to bypass the power option? Or did you some how hook it up?

    Blue66stang: Nice video. Car sounds really nice. :nice:

    BobV: Nice videos. Nice pics. Nice car!

    Thanks everyone for posting what you have. I've already gotten a couple ideas that I'd be interested in doing to my car when I get it.