Post pics of your '64-'66 Mustang; I'm getting a '66 soon and want ideas

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  1. dodgestang

    I've said it before, dodgestang you got a way with the Mustangs.. Looks great! Very Clean...

    I like the aftermarket tips in the back too!
  2. [​IMG]

    it's pretty basic but i like the red with the black vinyl top, it's also lowered 1" and has shelby drop. i'd put up more pics but the school network here isn't allowing me to update my web space :bs:
  3. there are more pics on my poorly constructed website here
  4. No problem.. The armrest is great. Helps for long trips.
  5. I have installed the seats twice in the car. Both times without power because the power seat base just puts the seat too high in the car and I would need to lower the seat riser which I do not want to do.

    The first install I bolted the 65 seat tracks to the bottom. Since the bottom isn't flat I just made up some little spacers to hold the track at the straight position. I had the seat like this for about 6 months and was never really satisfied with it. The new seats are a lot thicker than stock seats so the wheel felt too close to your legs and it was a little tough sometimes getting in and out.

    I pulled the seat out and re-installed it. This time, since only a hand full of people drive this car and we all do it with the seat it the way back spot, I took apart the tracks and mounted the base of the track direct to the seat. This lowered the total installed height by about an inch. I also drilled a fresh set of holes in the seat base and moved the bracket as far forward as could be installed. The result is a much more comfortable installation of the seat with a final installation about an inch lower and an inch and half further back than when installed in the stock position. The only no longer moves, but since it didn't need to, I didn't lose anything.
  6. Is it something you just lift off to remove when you want to? Or is it secured to the hump? Just curious cause I'd want to remove it if I take the car to shows or anything.
  7. Hey Dodgestang,

    2 more questions for ya':

    1.) When you didn't have the seats mounted directly to the floor, how did they move front to back? Don't they need power to move or did you rig them to move somehow without it.

    2.) What's the actual name of the color of your car? Is it just dark metalic red or is it some kind of special Ford color? I ask because that's almost exactly what I want mine to be.
  8. It's removable. It just fits snuggly onto the center console. Has a couple cupholders and a space for a few things in it. If you don't have a center console, they make one that fits just between the seats.
  9. Hey, does anyone happen to have any pics of a '64-'66 with either Magnum 500's on it or Eddelbrock 454's (I think that's what they are. Look similar to the ones the old Shelby Cobra roadsters had)? Those are the two types of wheels I'm most interested in getting pending seeing some pics of other cars with them on so I can get an idea.
  10. I have 454's on my 65, I'll have to take some pics this weekend and post them for ya!
  11. That would be awesome. :nice:
  12. I would get the 454's. :D They are... :drool:

    The Magnum 500's are over used. :shrug:
  13. Not sure how to post my pic: could someone show me how?
  14. I guess this will have to work for now!

    16" 454's, I paid the extra buck and got the polished chrome version, which are a little harder to find. Allthough I think they all are getting hard to find because they are discontinued. Check Ebay! Hope this helps.
  15. Nice car, burg..

    Here's another car with 454's
    Hope he doesn't mind... but his car rocks.

    68 & 00 GT
  16. 1. The moved just fine since they were mounted with the 65 seat tracks, pull the lever and slide em forward. The passenger seat still functions this way since it was only the driver side that I needed squeeze a bit more room out off.

    2. The colot doesn't have a name, it is an available color though (as apposed to a custom blend), it just wasted named...I had it computer color matched earlier this year so I could paint the hood and got a perfect match.
  17. Mine is in my sig. :)
  18. Thanks!!!!!