Post pics of your cars

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by cobraii74x, Jun 18, 2004.

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  2. here it is[​IMG]
  3. Hope this works...

  4. cobra 2 76, awesome stance, how much is that lowered front and rear, if any, but it sure looks it.
  5. Here is mine

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  6. Check the site in my sig. :D
  7. Hey cobraii74x,

    how did you get a 74 fastback?? I didnt think they were offered until 75?? :shrug: maybe im wrong here, but also I thought the cobra package wasnt offered until 76?? correct me if im wrong?
  8. No, the fastback was offered for all years of the mustang. And my post name is Cobraii74x because when i found out about stangnet I thought my car was a Cobra II ( the owner swore up and down and at that time i didn't know any better ). And then I was going to make it a cobra clone... but now :D just a restomod.. but yes, the cobra ii package wasn't avaliable until 76.... :D maybe i will change my name!
  9. hmm... that is quite interesting...?? how many models of the fastback were produced in 74 then?? that would be an interesting number i bet... maybe not tho... nice story about the PO also, they swear they know everything and their car runs the best, but then you take it home and find out different... that is the same thing i have always run into with PO that think they know everything but dont know jack crap! :lol:
  10. 74,799 was the 74 2+2 production sales, according to Not a bad car at all.. little bit of stuff to fix.. ( most of it by the POs.. hacking and rigging everything together ) but tim helps me out alot and he is invaluable.. the guy knows all there is to know about a mustangii... :D but quit chit chattin and lets see some pics of the cobra ii!!

  11. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  12. Not much yet but getting there... Previews of coming attractions SOOON BWA HA HA HA HA HA (rubbing hands together wickedly...)

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  13. Here she is look in sig for info

  14. Here is mine being gone through

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  15. Actualy since I've been on stangnet, I don't remember posting any pics of my cars, here's a link to a page on cardomain. My pics are too big to send to the post so, I've got a few on cardomain

    My little brother's 78 Cobra is there as well (98CobraClone)
  16. DUDE, your car looks like it could have some SERIOUS wicked bad potential! (AND I MEAN SUPER FAST BY THAT) But please tell me your not going to leave the rice wing on... :puke: I have seen a few coupes with the full 3 piece cobra spoiler on and they look awesome! and please I'm not flaming just my humble opinion. :)
  17. Dude, you had to go and post the only good picture I have.
    Guess this will have to do.