post pics of your fox stangs

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TurboXstang, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. sorry, posted in wrong area
  2. Well at least ur caught urself!!!!:D
  3. My work here is done.

    Now to turn this into some sort of technical thread....

    iwash: Where did you get those seat covers? Is that something you had an ulphosterer do or did you buy them and isntall them yourself?
  4. there we go
  5. yeah wouldn't want any one to get a free post:D
  6. No sir you don't wan't that:D
  7. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  8. i sure am glad it stopped before it got out of hand, othrewise you know all of a sudden all sorts of ppl start replying just so they can add to there post count and thats just not right.

  9. Those are the stock seats lol
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  11. Interior of the car is really nice. Very clean!!
  12. my finger hurts when I push on it...should I just stop pushing, or should I keep pulling till it stops hurting..oooowch...yup still hurst when I push on it.
  13. Matt you should know better than most when you ask Dagger to clear his PMs.

    Pronunciation: 'fyü-t&l, 'fyü-"tIl

    serving no useful purpose : completely ineffective <efforts to convince him were futile>
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  14. Are those stock seat covers as well? I like the color. It's what I want to replace my old worn out red ones with.
  15. Derek
    STOP pushing and the hurt will go away. Believe me I've been there and it's the only way to make it stop the hurting!!!:SNSign:
  16. does this look infected??
  17. There should be plenty of room!

  18. Yeeeowch!!! That's GOTTA BE INFECTED
    I'd cut it off and get rid of it if it were me!
  19. yup thats the only was,

    IWASH:sweet car!!!:hail2: