Mach 1 Post Pics of your Mach

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Marks5.0!, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Both those cars are sex on wheels man ! I love comp orange !
  2. Thanks! :nice:

    I like comp orange, but honestly I would never get it on any other mustang model... It's just not the same... Comp Orange Mach 1's are sex! :D
  3. parents 03 mach :)

  4. and

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    and [just because i think it looks cool]


    thats it for now.
    gonna get better ones later :)
  5. tn_Mach_1_photos_cob_webbing_026.JPG
    Here is a pic of my Mach1
  6. OMFG nasty04mach1 is the Winner in my Book.
  7. I like your wheels ;)
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  9. I am going to post my pics too

    As soon My 71' Mach 1 is ready, I will post my pics too.

    I have the engine now, V8 7.0 lt.

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  10. Wow, that is a really nice looking Mach. The Saleen rims look really good. Sweet ride, man....
  11. New Mach 1 Owner

    After living with a '98 SVT Contour since new and keeping my daughter in Mustangs since 2001, I decided to get my Oxford White, 5 speed Mach 1...picked it up last Monday.

    Appears to be completely stock except for the CobraJet badge on the scoop...that scoop has to be the best view out a driver's window in all of automobilia!!!

    Did not these all come with a special Mach 1 shift ball has the upgrade interior trim...I suspect the original owner must have kept it as a has a badly scuffed up leather shift knob in it right now.

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  12. Yeah, it came stock with an aluminum shifter ball. I believe the same one that came in the '01 Bullitt. Alot people change out the shifter ball for something more stylish or that absorbs less heat in the summer. I've got an MGW gripper shifter ball and a UPR shifter ball.
  13. Couple of my ZY

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  14. may have posted some of these before been a while since I last visited SN.
  15. Pics look awesome ladys & gents! Even got some magazine coverage, cool!
  16. How do you like those rims? I have the silver FR500's and I hate them! Takes longer to clean those damn things than to wash and wax the car!
  17. had the silver ones first too and these are just as much a pain to clean but i definately like the look better.
  18. Here is my '71 Mach1 351C M code, matching numbers, C6 tranny
    Export model for swiss market, Speedometer in Km/h. 3rd owner (second was a dealer that kept it for few months), bought in 2006
    About 60K original Kilometers (less than 40K miles)
    working RAM AIR, power windows, magnum 500 wheels, folding rear seat and trunk trap door, rear defroster. Pretty much untouched interiors and wiring.
    We did few upgrades to the car, trying not to modify the original look too much: Edelbrock Performer 1400 carb, electric fuel pump, Pertronix ignition and coil, new alternator and it's harness, new complete correct exhaust, new gas tank (old one rusted), front and rear spoilers.
    Right now I an dealing with a few electrical problems (almost solved). the car runs fine.. just needs fine tuning.

    Hope you like it:

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