Mach 1 Post Pics of your Mach

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Marks5.0!, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. 2003 Yellow Mach

    Here's our 03 Mach.

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  2. its nothing but body and an addick full of parts as of now. i will post progress pics as it comes along tho
  3. 2003 both

    Twin Bro and I have had these for half a year. The Red one had terrable hard water spots, a blown trans and rock chips on the hood like crazy. Now they are both perfect.

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  4. My baby Angeline. =) Got new tires, Borla Stingers, BBK catted x-pipe, and JTL RAI coming in for her.

  5. Nice, love the SY.!!!
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    My 03 and my dads 69.
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    Just some quick pics of my 03 Mach!!
  8. Did the pics post? Been having people say all the see is a box with a red x, hope I am doing it right.
  9. I saw them just fine-- nice car!
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  10. Thanks, you have pics of yours? Where at in SoFla, I go to Lehigh Acres/Hialeah often?
  11. Mach 008.jpg
    I'm in Davie-- don't get down to the Hialeah area much. Pic was taken at Markham Park.
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