Mach 1 Post Pics of your Mach

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Marks5.0!, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Looks good on the black one, what does the hood look like with that color stripe?
  2. I dunno, i didnt have him do the hood. I dont think i will be able to get the mach. It seems like it will be worse than i thought it would.
  3. i really suck at taking pictures, but wth
    03 zinc yellow atuomatic mach 1 w/ steeda cai and predator

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  4. I kept looking at your pic and wondered why it looked different. It's a zinc Mach. I have seen tons of screaming yellow Mach's and the screaming yellow color just jumps out at you compared to zinc and the other yellow used on GT's. An Auto Mach even. Have'nt seen many of those either. Nice Mach though. :nice:
  5. thanks, i like zinc more then screaming yellow b/c screaming yellow is to bright, In the sun mycar looks the perfect shade of yellow, the pic makes it look duller then normal.I guess since the color was only made for 03 machs and its auto its rarer then most machs
  6. How are those Bassani Mid-Lengths working out for you? I'm dying to get some headers on my Mach. :drool:
  7. Two More Pics

    Here are two more pics.

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  8. I don't have the Bassani mid lengths anymore. I loved the sound but they only added about 10 hp so I sold them. I am thinking about Hooker Long tubes now.
  9. HHhhmmm....Thanks for the info. . I guess Long Tubes might be the way to go then.
  10. Is the 2nd set of picture before shots? I was wondering since the car in your first set has more modifications.
  11. They look great! You need some of the engine bay like that.
  12. some ones for the summer, but for some reason forgot to post here too...
    lighting wasn't all I wanted.. but whatever. I'll take some soonish.
  13. Holy****...:hail2: :hail2:
  14. I made this a sticky. Any objections within logical reason, just let me know.
  15. Now heres where you need some rolled tips so you can see them from behind.:D

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  16. You don't own a Mach? :shrug:
  17. I reiterate....logical reason.