Mach 1 Post Pics of your Mach

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Marks5.0!, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. I tried by best :(
  2. I made this for MU TA G.

  3. Why would anyone not want this to be a sticky, I just wish we had more activity in the Mach forums.
  4. :SNSign:
  5. sweet! make a yellow one! lol.
  6. Yeah I want a white one please :D

    Ernad, no pants :rlaugh:
  7. ya make a yellow one
  8. what color are those saleens?
  9. How Do I become a member of the 4v N\A club?
    That black mach looks sweet... Tinted windows make
    these cars look sweet!!!
  10. I only put that in my sig. to "Mach" (Mock) the N/A Club that about 40 or so people have in their sig. . Most of them are 2V. So I just made up my 4V N/A club. But I'm member #001!! :D Hmmm. It's not in this post but it's in the post above. Wonder what's up with that? Oops, their it is.
  11. well i could be member #003

    I like the fact that we have N\A motors..

    Challe / :nice:
  13. black, even blacker and blue

    Had a guy at the Oregon Coast searching thru each hotel unit to get this picture...

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  14. black, black, and blue

    Had a guy at the Oregon Coast searching for me to take this picture...

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  15. Here's a couple recent shots of the Mach:
    Does any of you camara pros know what settings would have made the red redder and still show up the wheels?

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  16. You can shoot normally in RAW, then double process the file-- once for highlights and once for shadows, then combine them using layers and a mask. There was a good article in Outdoor Photographer magazine (July 2006 issue) about this, but I'm not advanced enough in PhotoShop to understand a lot of it.