Mach 1 Post Pics of your Mach

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  1. Ok jdoug, I've messed with the RAW image a little but not much, I'll give that a try and see what I can come up with, Thanks!! :nice: I wonder if that July issue may still be on the magazine stands anywhere for me to check out?
  2. sideoe9.jpg

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  3. She's a beauty, love them rims.
  4. love the color (though it could use a little more orange)
  5. Here's a few recent shots of mine..... not too bad I guess, for an amateur 'photographer' :rlaugh:




    And here's a few night shots.... so far, my only attempt at taking night photos, LOL



  6. Well I don't have a real Mach, but I do have the engine.


  7. pic4.jpg


    And more

    I have a 99 GT with a Mach 1 holding on to a 8# Procharger pushing a T-56 6 Speed. 456Hp and 413Tq
  8. Procharger seems to be the blower of choice for the Mach engine. I've seen more than afew Machs with them. Nice half breed. :D
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  10. Congrats and enjoy!
  11. what he said :)
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  13. Just realized I hadn't put up a pic even though I've posted in the thread already. Exterior is stock except for the shorty antenna I made.


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  14. Brand name Question.

    Hey guy at the top.....could you or anyone else tell me what wheel and tire combo you've got goin on there , plus what brand side skirts those are....Nasty setup, much respect.:nice:
  15. Add on

    I'm speaking of the grey Mach that very first came up....the wheels looked kind of like the 2004 cobra wheels......
  16. nice machs, i gotta take some new pics :(