Post Pics of Your Mustang

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  1. I like the tails, but I dont think they would fit either.
  2. When I looked up close, the housing appears to be the same size. However, you might run into a wiring issue because of the LED's in the 2013.
  3. My 2012 V6, so far (2 months old and only 1250 miles)...





    I just got it back from having the body kit, grille, hood, and stripes added.
  4. your car looks pretty darn sweet, bro. not a fan of the fake sidescoops but even with those it looks very good.
  5. Pretty much the exact car I hope to pick up used in a couple years (white w/brembo package). Take care of'er for me. :D
  6. Here is my 2013 Boss 302 in GHIG.

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  7. She's got the glass roof too, so you'll be the talk of the town. ;)
  8. Hi all! Just put the finishing touches on my '06 GT convertible. Was painfully stock when I bought it a year ago. I've added a few things since...






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  9. sweet! :nice:
  10. What a difference. :jaw: Very nice.
  11. thats my weekend and car show car she barely ever comes out haha its an 05 with 6k miles on it :)
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  12. @ JPC Racing Millersville, Md.

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  13. my 05 v6

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  14. Wow- I like the red wheels matching the paint.

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  16. Tinted the windows

    Might do the wheels, not sure yet.
  17. Wow .. that's a rare appearance. Barely 1K/yr ... trailer it to the show and back? :p