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  1. Thanks:nice:
    These are just the winter wheels.
    I am still looking for new sommer wheels. I'am not sure, if they will at the end be black or alcoas, like the original. But for sure 20 inch.
    Greez, Booster
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  3. Very clean!

    Was the spoiler a direct bolt on swap with the factory spoiler?
  4. also interested if the body parts came stock from ford?
  5. Thanks.

    Yes. The 3d500 spoiler is just a Gt500 replica from 3d carbon. It bolts right up to all four factory holes. I bought mine factory pre-painted sterling grey and it's flawless. Came with double sided tape already applied as well.

    The factory spoiler is just about impossible to get off without an exacto knife, make sure you have one if you do this mod and its easy. The factory tape had lots of adhesive.

  6. Nothing that I've added came from Ford. Check out my sig below for brands.
  7. I need a grauge for a 2011 to be tucked away in. Darn i hate my kids some days..
  8. It's been awhile since i've posted.

  9. New guy here, new to Mustangs, but this is my 4th Ford. I also have a 71 F-100 and a 56 F-100 Panel - both projects. Just picked up the Bullitt on Friday. I'm loving it so far.


  10. heres my pony

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  11. Looks good to me, Josh !
  12. what are the offsets for the rear wheels?
  13. I haven't been able to post much about my '06 GT since I bought it last December since it's in the garage until spring but I have been busy getting some more parts.

    Latest purchase was a set of Steeda Spyder wheels. I opted for the 20x9.5 and 20x11 staggered set. I'm getting ready to order my rear tires and should be able to order the fronts in a couple weeks. Going with 275-35-20 front and 315-35-20 rear Nitto NT05. I'm also looking at the Steeda stage 3 handling kit to get the stance right. I did a quick photochop of my car with the wheels on and with the correct stance - can't wait!
    The bottom link is a link to my post on the previous page of how it sits now - stock.

    Just came off the truck tuesday...


  14. I think the rears are 43 mm and the fronts are 36
  15. You have some serious skill behind the wheel taking the KR out in the snow. My slightly modded NA 4.6 is a scary ride on the snow.
  16. thanks!