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  1. My 2013 GT CS Auto, with True Forged Victory Wheels. 20 X 9 Front w/ 265/35/20 Nitto 555's and 20 X 11 Rear w/ 305/35/20 Nitto 555R's.

    Satin Black Center, Chrome Lips with new CNC Machined Logo center caps!

    Let me know your thoughts.








  2. Those wheels look great on that car. Very nice looking ride.
  3. Just got my stripes on.

  4. Is your car lowered or did the wheelgaps simply close up with the larger diameter rim and rubber?

    Did you have to use a spacer on the rear?

    It looks magnificent, my friend! :nice:
  5. 009.JPG 010.JPG 2006 Ronaele, 1 of 2 Prototypes, 540HP, Procharger, 6speed 4:10 gear
  6. That's a gorgeous car.
  7. Happiness comes from sharing a thing of beauty
  8. My '06, Vortech HO kit, 3.73's, 5 speed, BBK headers, Magnaflow exhaust...always a work in progress.
    mustang 001.JPG
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  9. Very nice
  10. debating replacing the hash marks with le mans stripes, but i have a glass roof. not sure what to do about that. photo.JPG
  11. Good looking car.

    Put the stripes on. Just don't put them on the roof. There is a member that that put stripes on his with a glass roof. It looks good.
    Here is a pic.
    View attachment 144448

    A friend of mine and I just put 10 inch over the top stripes on his. His car is black and the stripes are charcoal. Looks very good.
  12. Thank you.

    I have the Eibach Pro Kit. The wheels were custom built to my specs, therefore no spacers were needed.
  13. Picked her up on Friday. 2013 GT/CS 6 speed, also has the comfort package and Shaker Pro Audio options. Drove off the lot with 9 miles on it.

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  14. Brand new 2013 GT.
  15. Well, I didn't see it comin', but I just won my prize entry on Monday. My chosen customizations:
    1. GT500 wing
    2. Black Roush rims
    3. 3d Carbon chin splitter
    4. Black side mirrors
    5. CS side scoops

    I went with white as my first Mustang was white.

    Ford also made a custom Fisher Price Mustang for my son with custom matching paint and custom fabricated wing to match mine.

    Vaughn Gittin Jr. presented them to me and my family; it was unbelievable!

    I didn't have time to take many pics, but here's what I got for now.

    IMG_1673.jpg IMG_1676.jpg IMG_1677.jpg
  16. I LOVE that splitter!
    I've never seen it before! Looks awesome :)

    And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS man!
    Wow! :p
    I looked at the pics but didn't read the post at first. Lucky man ;)
  17. Thanks, Nuar! I actually owe it to StangNet's fine blog for bringing the contest to my attention!
  18. This has got to be the best looking Mustang I've seen in a long time. Great job!
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