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  1. 2006 V6

    Here's my 2006 V6 which I just bought this week. Before that I had a 2002 Yellow V6.
  2. Here's pics of my 07' gt cs:
  3. Took delivery of my baby earlier this week :) Quick pic looking down from the deck of my apt -- more pics to come!

    2012 Mustang GT Premium - Lava Red Metallic - 6 spd manual - 401A - Brembos - HID/Security Pack - Comfort Pack - 3.73s - GT Coupe Pack 5

    Ordered 5/17/2011
    Born 6/6/2011
    Delivered 6/23/2011

  4. Man lava red looks gorgeous in the sun.
  5. I've never seen that color, live and in person, but I like it
  6. Same here; looks awesome in pics!
  7. Its definitely an eye catcher. On an overcast day it looks black with just a tiny hint of red. Just enough you can tell its not just Black. When the sun hits it, it brings out the deep red tint. Saw one at a dealership one day and feel in love with the color.
  8. as nice as it is, i'm not sure i agree with the decision to get rid of the Gray color in favor of this one...
  9. Here's mine!


    Just installed RPI design painted mirror covers. The color was a perfect match, and yes... she needs a bath!
  10. Got a couple of shots of the louvers i put on recently:
  11. Incredible pics.
  12. The car is very nice. The pics, are alright. Underexposed, and could work on the composition and lighting. Not really incredible. :p

    The car itself though :nice:
  13. it just needs a little HDR TLC to cope with both highly exposed and highly underexposed areas in the same frame.
  14. Just bought an 08' GT/CS

    First post on here, I'm loving this car..:drool:

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  15. Thanks a lot! I love the stang'

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  16. 2012 Lava Red GT




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  17. Whatever. those pics ARE incredible.
  18. 31eec4e0.jpg

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