Post Pics of Your Mustang

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  1. These are great looking cars, I'll have to wait another 4 years before I can maybe get a newer one.
  2. Lava red. new for 2012 if im not mistaken..
  3. Only way in my opinion to get the new mustang....
  4. Just picked it up this weekend, waiting for plates and it to stop raining long enough to take more pictures...


  5. that's one nice ride you got there TFALK, color looks awesome on that saleen....
  6. A friend showed up to watch me drive in an autocross. I handed him my big Nikon and told him to take some pictures, this ones my favorite.

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  7. Nice stangs!!! impressive editing skills as well fastredpony car!
  8. just got my 2010 gt a few weeks ago...It's completely stock as of now



    but I already have the california special front and rear on order. Next round of mods will be tint, suspension, exhaust, tinted reflectors and saleen grill

    here's a quick chop I did :nice:


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  9. 2010 premium convertable

    Magnaflow duals 1675

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  10. Went shopping this morning, came home with this:


  11. Just wanted to share some pics of our newest family member!
  12. Here's a few more!

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  13. Added stripes to 07 vert

    and also took stock spoiler off. After reading all on the net about painting and stripes and spoiler deletes . I like the way it looks. i m saving for a SCT tuner.
  14. Time for my second youth. 2008 GT Stock. My little buddy riding shotgun.

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  15. Finally got a decent pic of both cars together, the bright atlantic blue and grabber blue are
    really not that far apart when you put them side by side...

  16. i love that front clip. i wonder how it would look on a black one. **hint hint to the photoshop savvy**:)
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  18. Heres mine photo10.jpg

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