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  1. 1st post in this forum. My wife got bored of the Escape Hybrid and wanted something more fun to drive. I've pretty much always been a Ford guy so of course...
    Traded in the hybrid for this 2012 with under 12k miles. I wouldn't have out the fake scoops on there myself but the wife loves how it looks and after all... It is "her" car ;-)

    My ecoboost in the background.
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  2. And... Now she's bragging that she has more HP than I do ;-). I've banned her from horsing around with the traction control as she has never had a fast car and will mostly "grocery go get", seem like a good idea?

    I did a search... Honest I did. I'm looking for a straightforward explanation of what the traction control (multiple settings?) does in this car, and how/when to turn it off.
  3. Nice car. Really nice car. I dig the stripes and the hood scoop. The traction control in my '06 has just two settings - on and off. I turn it off to do burnouts and leave it on the rest of the time. Probably best she just leave it on...
  4. Mine's a 2012 3.7 and it's hold the button 6 seconds for full off. Also there is a button on the side of the Automatic shifter that will make the tranny a 5 speed instead of 6. push to turn on and off. tn_Art Boat 009.JPG
  5. New CS40's on the car. Staggered 20x10 and 20x9 with Nitto nt555 275/35/20 and 255/35/20. More excited to get the Suspension parts in the car now and get it lowered where it should be. 20140406_162011.jpg
  6. Sweet cars everyone.

    I was finally able to pickup a nice 2013 Mustang, brought it back all the way from Atlanta. I've had 3 fox bodies and a 2002 GT, but this car is so much better! Car feels solid and capable, and I love the Deep Impact Blue.

    I'll get better shots in the next few days when it stops raining.


    Traveling from Atlanta to Houston
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  7. 10174844_10154231649305107_4219221911210303003_n.jpg
    Flew up to Baltimore this morning and bought her!
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  8. Here is my baby at the las vegas mustang celebration. The mustang on the left.

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  9. Got her home and washed up!

    And tucked into bed...
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  10. Best pic I got, need more! stang.jpg
  11. Hi all, new to the myStang.jpg forums. POsting pic of my 2010 I just purchased. First Mustang for me, and love it!
  12. Here's another of the new MMD bezel's and custom matte paint. tn_Charlie & Roses 014.JPG
  13. Although I've already showed her off on this thread, added some hash marks today IMG_5563.JPG IMG_5558.JPG IMG_5561.JPG
  14. Installed GT500 axlebacks and the rear valence this weekend, car sounds great now, was very quiet before. really like the sound just enough growl.

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  15. Here is my new baby.. =)

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  16. Hey guys heres my s197 after a detail, from Wales (UK) IMG_9729_zpsdb062bf1.jpg IMG_9685_zps2e7f8955.jpg
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  17. This pic is of my 08' Bullitt before the windows got tinted. That made a huge difference in appearance.
  18. V30_zps93c6e3c2.jpg

    ProCharger put a little more of a rake on the car, so I lowered the back about a 1/4" to even it out.
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  19. IMG_05712.JPG
    Bought her new last October. 2014 with track pack and recaro's Finally able to pull it out of the garage after long winter. Was only able to put 300 miles before storage. Many new miles to come.
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