Post Pics of Your Mustang

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  1. Does it have the "my key" option?
  2. It does, but the my key option doesn't hide the fake scoops ;-)
  3. New to the forum, and to mustangs. Just bought her last weekend. uploadfromtaptalk1398921054190.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1398921070958.jpg
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  4. Very nice. Details?
  5. eme9ahem.jpg
    all blacked out:cool:
  6. Just purchased a used 2014 GT Premium with only 450 miles on her... 14 Gray GT.jpg
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  7. Big fan of the 2008/09 Bullitt. It has a very cool, understated look and of course a great exhaust note.
  8. I did basically the same to my 08' Bullitt, tinted the windows and then put black rims but with a polished lip. It really makes the car stand out for sure. Is yours Black or is that just the way it shows up in the picture?
  9. 302 1986

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  10. Yes its black. Actually seen a green bullitt a couple days ago, tried to talk to him but I guess he thought I wanted to race! Lol
  11. 1st post, here's Fiona!

  12. 20140621_162326.jpg Here is my 2012 Mustang Pony Package. Has 19k miles and in mint condition. Love what they have done with here new stangs. I have had several from 87 notch to 91 hatch, 95 GT to 02 GT vert. First v6 I have ever owned though.
  13. My brand new 2014 CS. 190 miles.

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  14. Tried out some Croftgate products:

  15. Just turned 600 miles..... 2014 GT 19.JPG 2014 GT 21.JPG
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