Post Pics of Your Mustang

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  1. WOW! That wheel and paint combo is hot! Check your PM's
  2. That is one of the best ones I have seen on the site. I was debating on getting stripes or not, but the white stripes just look too good on your car and I am now convinced. I also really like your wheels, what kind are they?
    Also, you might want to check your camera or something since most of your pics are off center, but the car still looks amazing :nice: .
  3. The stripes are silver. The wheels are Boyd Coddington smoothie
  4. Oh really, I thought they looked white, but after you said they were silver and looking at them again they definately look silver, lol. I think I am still going with white.
  5. The Bullet

    Ordered Oct '04, delivered Dec 9th. Just shy of 3000 delightful miles so far.

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  6. 2005 Satin Silver GT Premium Convertible

    Take a good look at my baby...still thinking of a name for her...

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  7. Here's my Black Gt with 17X9 Original Ford 95 Cobra R 's with 275/50-17 Nitto 450's
  8. Now, that is sweet! The silver and black combo - :nice: Though it was your second choice, IMHO - it's the better one. You have GOT to post pic's once you get those wheels on! :flag:
  9. chk out my garage, pics posted there
  10. 1970 Mach 1 and 05 GT Vert


    sorry pic is so big

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  11. Blueoval-congrats on finally getting your baby-that silver w/ black top is really nice.

    Names: Silver Bullitt? or maybe Silver-as in the Lone Ranger's trusty steed?
    Silver Surfer? :shrug:
  12. great color combo

    everything looks fantastic, except for the quarter windows, those look bad... other than that , car is excellent
  13. It's just a stock V-6 Premium, but here's mine.

    Built on 5 April 2005, purchased on 4 May 2005. Auto, black leather, exterior and interior upgrade packages, ABS, traction control, active anti-theft, Shaker 500. This is a daily driver, used to commute 80 miles per day (hence the V-6 and auto).

    Replaces the 1966 2+2 I sold back in 1986, after college. Sure is good to be driving a Mustang again!

    Meet "Francine" ...

  14. :banana: Hey now!!! Have you seen the ford commercial where the son comes home from the war and his dad ends up buying him a new 05 mustang because his son envied the 60's era mach 1 his dad owned. That picture looks like it came directly from the commercial. :banana:
  15. sorry pic wont post. operator error for sure :nonono:
  16. Quick pix - just back from the shop. Better pix on their way if I get sunshine tomorrow.
  17. myxmach1,

    please post more pics? would like to see w/ top up /down...looks sharp!
  18. Can't Wait!

    Drool drool drool.