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  1. Love your pics they look so good as if they were done by a professional photographer, i didn't like yellow mustangs before that much but with the black stripes it looks wonderfull, great job now i can actually say i love the yellow stangs
  2. My Ride...



  3. My 05 Mustang GT

    I hope this works. I'm trying to attach a picture of my 05 Mustang GT

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  4. xNeo,

    I do believe a high percentage of the rally striped cars you see are vinyl. nino's is vinyl. i think there are less than 10 out of hundreds that are painted. i heard of one guy getting his painted for a scant $800. most guys are paying upwards of $2,000 to get their stripes painted on.

    vinyl stripes are inexpensive and look good enough to me and most others. they are not permanent and will last approx. 3-5 years depending on who you ask. of course your mileage may vary depending on how it is kept and maintained.

    vinyl stripes cost anywhere from $99 to about $300 and labor to install them another $200 to $300.

    finally, i do believe most stripes are not factory put on. some are dealers installed. the odds are if you see stripes down below the trunk or hood line, they are probably put on by the owner. the factory dealer stripes usually are only on the hood, roof and trunk only for the most part.

    as usual, there are exceptions to every rule. galpin ford comes to mind as an exception to the last rule of thumb i stated.
  5. ninoavila:

    Very sweet ride.

    It almost makes me wish I had kept my '95 Cobra R rims. If you ever want to push out the rears flush with the body panels I would suggest Steeda extended race studs and a 5/16th inch spacer.

    The stripes are very dramatic and certainly showcase the screaming yellow nicely.

    Now just tint your windows black to keep out that intense southern sun and you'll have it made.
  6. Our New Mustang

    Here are some pics of our new Mustang. We have little over 500 miles on it and love it!!! No problems so far.

  7. Nice rides. I'm almost done with my stripes. I got the center done yesterday! 21" black and the 2" red stripes will be added tomorrow. One on each side of the black stripe, 1" spacing.





  8. chris6868, what bodykit is that you have on? it looks awesome especially with the stripes!
  9. Thanks for compliments!!! The body kit is the "Street Scene Body Kit". I always like the white with blue stripes combo. I always thought it was so cool looking on the 65 & 66 fastback Mustangs.
  10. I haven't had a chance to take any good daytime pics yet.


  11. Drewdawg or Harrier......

    both your cars are SICK!!

    What wheels are those? What size are they and what tire set-up are you running?
  12. thx Speedylifsavr,

    I have Eibach Sportline springs on her. The wheels are Foose Nitrous-20"ers. 8.5"F & 10"R. The tires are BFG KDW2- 255/35F & 285/30R. 295s will slip on no problemo. I went with 285s because the BFG does not have a 295mm in the KDW2 model.

    My Nitrous wheels are chrome. Drewdawg's wheels are polished.

    Foose has my Nitrous wheel available in a 22X9.5" size now for the '05 Stang! SIC, SIC, SIC. see link:

    Drewdawg roles on Boyd Coddington Smoothie II:

    Drewdawg's wheels are the same sizes as mine. Sorry, don't know about the rubber his wheels are shod with.

    Actually Speedylifsavr, I will be soon changing my setup to the Weld Forgestar wheels in my avatar. I have been waiting 20 weeks for them. I love the Foose Nitrous wheels to death. But the Welds are forged. The chrome are 30Lb.- very light for a 20"rim. I will be getting the polished version which is even lighter. They are 20x9.5F which i will run 275/30s and 20x11R which will have 305/25s on them. In the future the 11" rear rim will nicely accomodate a 315mm rear tire if it is made. Then I'll be in heaven.
  13. Holy crap , an 11" wide rear rim sounds sick .

    Thank you for the detailed response , much appreciated!!

    Please post pics of the new wheels when you get them!

    Thanks - Speedy
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  14. Speedy, I will. Here's a preview.
  15. Another Newbie

    No profile yet but here is a pic

  16. Pony Pics

    Here's my Pony! :spot:
    And another :cheers:

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