Post Pics of Your Mustang

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  1. I haven't had a chance to take any good daytime pics yet.


  2. Drewdawg or Harrier......

    both your cars are SICK!!

    What wheels are those? What size are they and what tire set-up are you running?
  3. thx Speedylifsavr,

    I have Eibach Sportline springs on her. The wheels are Foose Nitrous-20"ers. 8.5"F & 10"R. The tires are BFG KDW2- 255/35F & 285/30R. 295s will slip on no problemo. I went with 285s because the BFG does not have a 295mm in the KDW2 model.

    My Nitrous wheels are chrome. Drewdawg's wheels are polished.

    Foose has my Nitrous wheel available in a 22X9.5" size now for the '05 Stang! SIC, SIC, SIC. see link:

    Drewdawg roles on Boyd Coddington Smoothie II:

    Drewdawg's wheels are the same sizes as mine. Sorry, don't know about the rubber his wheels are shod with.

    Actually Speedylifsavr, I will be soon changing my setup to the Weld Forgestar wheels in my avatar. I have been waiting 20 weeks for them. I love the Foose Nitrous wheels to death. But the Welds are forged. The chrome are 30Lb.- very light for a 20"rim. I will be getting the polished version which is even lighter. They are 20x9.5F which i will run 275/30s and 20x11R which will have 305/25s on them. In the future the 11" rear rim will nicely accomodate a 315mm rear tire if it is made. Then I'll be in heaven.
  4. Holy crap , an 11" wide rear rim sounds sick .

    Thank you for the detailed response , much appreciated!!

    Please post pics of the new wheels when you get them!

    Thanks - Speedy
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  5. Speedy, I will. Here's a preview.
  6. Another Newbie

    No profile yet but here is a pic

  7. Pony Pics

    Here's my Pony! :spot:
    And another :cheers:

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  8. Picts Of My Car

    Here are a few photos, of my car, , she has , sct chip, , mac pro chambers, mac cold air kit, carbon trap removed, , 285/35 on rear and 255/45/ on front, 410 gears, new sct tune, and new pro springs, ran 8.37 8th mile times, :nice: trying to get to 8 flatt by the end of summer, on street tires, never ran quarter mile times, , would like to know what times i may get there, :stupid:

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  9. Here's my baby, just picked her up Saturday!



  10. [​IMG]


    Here are some pictures I took of my Mineral Grey GT. Only mods so far are Borla cat-back, blacked out tail panel, sequential taillights, tinted windows, and a H/C trap removal. Should be digging in more this month though.

  11. kris, i see you have the blackout panel. I just ordered mine and wanted to know how easy is the install. Your car looks great.


    is that the roush front bumper?
  12. Here are a couple of my Lil' Red Pony... :D



  13. The blackout panel was not too hard to install. Had to pull it off once, and let me tell you, that is not fun. Just make sure you line it up good on the first try! I love how it looks on the mineral grey!

    Here are some more pics:



  14. i need sharpen up my photography skills. It looks you all have professional pics on here.
  15. The pics I posted were just shot with my little point-and-shoot Fujifilm Finepix camera. No tripod, no filters, no one holding reflectors. I'm really happy with how they came out though. I'm new to photography though. I'd actually consider making it a hobby of mine though if I had more time. I do something similar for my career, but it's digital. Here's my work:

  16. thats some great work you do kris.

    Thanks harrier for the site.